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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Liam remains determined to save Hope

What is Quinn thinking?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Donna entered Katie's house and noticed she was grinning while picking up Will's toys. She told Katie, if she liked to clean that much, she could stop by her house whenever she felt like it. Katie had been thinking about Ridge reciting from her poetry book. Donna wondered what Katie had been thinking about.

Quinn told Pam she thought she was her friend. Pam told Quinn that she tried to buy her loyalty with a crumb cake and a manicure. Quinn said she could have convinced Charlie to keep her secret. She said Charlie would have listened to her. Pam said Charlie would have listened, but what Wyatt did wasn't just a harmless prank. Pam called his actions dangerous and destructive.

Wyatt entered and Quinn was dying to know what happened. He said he had just seen Hope. In the meantime, Hope entered Liam's house. Liam was doing laundry and Hope said she hoped he wasn't doing all that for her. He said with his father living there, the place had kind of turned into a frat house. Hope told Liam she had stopped by the office to talk to her brother. Suddenly, Liam noticed she was still wearing the diamond necklace and he wanted to know what was up.

Back at Katie's she told Donna the day she had was like a break in the weather. She said after all these months of heartbreak, she finally had one great day.

Pam told Wyatt what he did was wrong. She wanted him to know that Hope and Liam deserved to know the truth. Quinn told Pam to shut up and give her a moment alone with her son. Pam left after saying "See you later, girlfriend." to Quinn. Quinn responded with the words, "As if!"

Quinn wondered if Wyatt had gotten through to Hope. In the meantime, a shocked Liam learned that Hope forgave Wyatt. She said he was simply trying to help and they were going to try to work through it. Liam said anyone who would pull that kind of stunt didn't understand what Hope was all about.

Donna told Katie she snuck out of work all the time, but it never made her as happy as Katie seemed. Katie said Donna snuck out of work alone. She said she had been with someone. Donna knew she had Will with her. Katie said she allowed herself to relax for the first time in a long time. Donna noted it agreed with her.

Katie said it felt strange to feel so good. Donna said she deserved to feel happy. She wondered if Katie had gone back to Bill. Katie said it wasn't Bill. Donna quickly suspected her sister had been with a man. She told Katie she couldn't hide things from her family.

In the meantime, Quinn discovered she and Wyatt still had their jobs. Wyatt also told his mother that Hope had given him another chance. He said she had been furious about what he did. Quinn was relieved and happy for Wyatt. He wanted to make sure she understood this could have been the end for them. He said if it had been up to Rick, they would have been out the door.

Quinn began to ramble about Liam's determination to get Hope back. She said they had to go find Hope and Liam to make sure nothing happened. Wyatt told his mother they wouldn't be doing that. He said that was all over. He told Quinn from now on, they would be model citizens. He also emphasized this really was their last chance and she needed to stop running interference with Liam. He ordered Quinn to stop trying to fix things. He said Hope had given him another chance and he refused to blow it. Quinn said she got it.

Back at Liam's he told Hope what Wyatt did was criminal. It was fraud. He said Wyatt didn't deserve another chance. Liam said if this got out, Forrester's reputation would be ruined and so would Hope's. Hope wondered if Liam intended to tell anyone. He said of course he wouldn't because he knew how much the reputation of her family meant to her. He also pointed out the fact that Wyatt didn't know that and neither did Quinn.

Hope told Liam she didn't come here to talk about Wyatt or his mother. She told Liam she and Wyatt weren't breaking up. Liam wanted her to give him one reason why she couldn't walk away from the guy right now.

Donna continued talking to Katie about the mysterious man in her life. Donna noted that even when Bill was trying to be a good husband, he was dangerous. Katie said she didn't find that type of guy attractive anymore. Donna said she used to go for the bad boys until she met Eric. She advised Katie if she had met the type of guy Eric was, she should hold onto him. Katie offered no information about this man's identity and Donna left after volunteering to take Will for a night or a weekend if Katie had special plans.

Back at Forrester, Quinn began defending herself for sending Hope that video. She said she was all about honesty. Seriously Quinn? Wyatt cut her off and told her if Hope heard her right now, their second chance would be gone. He said there couldn't even be a hint of manipulation coming from her. Quinn wondered if Wyatt was on probation. He simply said Hope had given him a second chance. Quinn said what Wyatt did was wrong, but the things Liam did to her were so much worse. Quinn said Wyatt was always 100 percent devoted to Hope and he said he intended to keep it that way.

She said they were at the beginning of their relationship. She said he shouldn't have to work so hard at this. She believed he and Hope should be having fun. Wyatt mentioned the fact that Hope almost left him. She had called what he did insane. He said he wanted to prove his worth.

At the cliff house, Liam couldn't believe that Hope was staying with Wyatt. He recalled when they were at the beach, she didn't even want to hear Wyatt's excuses. Hope said she and Wyatt had things to work out. Liam said he just didn't get it. He assumed Wyatt was also keeping his job and he couldn't believe any of it. Hope apologized to Liam. She said she didn't come here to hurt him. She said she just thought telling him in person was the right thing to do. Hope had told Liam that Wyatt had changed. He wasn't the same guy he once was. She said he was a better person since being with him. She said that came out all wrong.

Liam said all the guy did was buy her a necklace and take her on a road trip. He wanted to know why she was doing this. Hope simply said she had made her decision. Liam insisted Hope couldn't stay with Wyatt because she wouldn't be able to trust him. Hope said she was in a relationship with Wyatt and when a person is in a relationship, they had to try to work things out. A crushed Liam didn't know what to say.

Katie couldn't stop thinking about her day with Ridge. Back at Forrester, Quinn told Wyatt he should be excited. Wyatt said he was, but he had to tread carefully at the moment. Quinn said he could not let Liam interfere. Wyatt said his focus was strictly on Hope and he couldn't think about anything else right now. He knew Quinn wanted to get all 'mother lion' on him right now, but he needed her to stay out of it because Hope was his future.

Hope told Liam that she really believed she and Wyatt could get past all this. She said he understood what she needed from him. Liam wondered what would happen if Quinn and Wyatt went off the rails again. Hope said she wouldn't let that happen. Liam asked if she was just going to keep her guard up, and if so, for how long? Hope said she never should have come to him with this.

Liam knew Hope has seen what Wyatt and his mother were capable of. He wondered if she was worried about Steffy coming back. Hope said she felt committed to Wyatt. Liam said at least he knew how she felt. She thanked him for always looking out for her and they shared a hug.

The show ended with Quinn making a call to some mysterious person. She told that person she had a job for them and his name was Liam Spencer. Give us a break Quinn!

On the next episode, Wyatt promises Hope he will never keep anything from her again. Quinn tells someone that she happens to know Liam is going through a very difficult time. Oliver and Liam share a beer and Oliver tells Liam that Hope doesn't see what he sees when it comes to Wyatt. Aly tells someone they are all about getting whatever Wyatt wants. Liam tells Oliver that Wyatt or his mother will hurt Hope unless he can stop them.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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