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The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam learns the truth about Wyatt

Could this be the end of Hope and Wyatt?
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On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Pam encouraged Quinn to talk about what's been eating away at her. She insisted she had a reputation for being a really good listener. Quinn explained it was about her son. She said she was very young when she had Wyatt and he quickly became her whole world. She said it wasn't always easy for Wyatt to have her as a mother.

A shocked Brooke discovered that Rick had encouraged Hope to take a camping trip with Wyatt. Ridge showed up at Katie's to return the phone she left as his house and was surprised she was taking a mental health day. He thought their talk would have been enough for her. She said she came home and pulled out some old books. She knew that wasn't the kind of affect Ridge typically had on women.

Ridge told Katie he knew what it was like to be a CEO. He said there were times when one needed to take some time for themselves to recharge and while, she was doing a great job at Spencer Publications, he wanted to help her recharge. Katie told Ridge he had already helped him.

Brooke told Rick that Hope just got back from Hawaii. Rick pointed out the fact that Hope ended things with Liam in Hawaii. He said this trip was a sign that she was moving on with Wyatt. He also said Hope had been considering taking things to the next level. Brooke stated that Hope took these things very seriously. Rick knew that, but he said Wyatt's feelings for Hope seemed very sincere and he liked the fact that this guy wanted to protect his sister.

Pam and Quinn continued their conversation. Quinn explained how there were times she couldn't tell if she was supporting Wyatt or smothering him. She admitted she had moments where her enthusiasm got the best of her. Pam noted how hard she worked to get Wyatt and Hope together. Quinn said she was just so happy for Wyatt she couldn't help herself. She admitted it wasn't like that in the beginning. When she got to know how special Hope was however, she simply wanted the best for her son.

Quinn told Pam they were two very different people, but that fact made for great relationships. The two toasted to friendship and Quinn said "here's to always having each other's backs." Pam appeared confused. Quinn told Pam there were a few other places she would like to take her if she didn't have to go back to the office right away. A surprised Pam said Donna should be back by now, so she wasn't in a rush. Quinn appeared satisfied.

Back on the road, Hope asked Wyatt what was next. Wyatt said he didn't know. This was a trip with no maps, no agenda and no itenirary. It was just the two of them and they would figure it out.

Katie told Ridge he had put things in perspective for her. She said he seemed to be turning up a lot lately and here he was again. He hoped she didn't mind, but Katie thought they might miss him at the office. Ridge said if they needed him they would call.

Katie wondered if Ridge had spoken to Brooke. He was on her doorstep when Katie left there. Ridge said he had nothing to say to Brooke that couldn't wait. He also said he figured Brooke needed time to digest whatever Katie said to her. Katie didn't believe Hope ever heard a word she said. She said Bill could only see this from his perspective. He had told Katie he acted out of love and she should understand that. He had also told her that a parent would do anything for their child.

Quinn took Pam out for some pampering. Pam tried on clothes, jewelry and had a manicure. Quinn looked exasperated by the end of their excursion.

Back on that road trip, Wyatt and Hope spotted a pod of dolphins. She couldn't believe they were really winging this. Wyatt said he liked to remain open to adventure like the dolphins they had just seen. Hope couldn't take a photo because she tossed her phone out. Wyatt wanted Hope to feel freedom and not be distracted. She told him everything she needed was right where she was.

Back at Forrester Creations, Rick wondered if Brooke had spoken to Ridge. He also wondered exactly how long Ridge had been away. Brooke insisted he loved her and he came back for her. She pulled out the engagement ring Ridge had given her and stated she had kept it. Rick had been under the impression Brooke had returned the ring. She said Ridge didn't ask for it. Brooke said she let him go and she didn't push. Now, he was back and she was here and she intended to get some answers from Ridge about her future. She didn't want to wait any longer.

Ridge told Katie she was the strongest member of her family. He said she was alone, but thriving and it was a beautiful thing to see. Ridge's phone rang and it was Brooke saying she needed to see him. Ridge said it wasn't a good time and Brooke wanted to know where he was. He said he was with Katie at her place. Brooke was happy Ridge was being there for Katie, but she said what she wanted couldn't wait. She knew he had asked for more time, but she didn't believe that was the best idea for them. Ridge said he would stop by her house later. Katie urged him to go to Brooke now because she needed him.

Pam and Quinn returned to the office and a furious Charlie asked Pam where she had been. He said he had been looking for her everywhere. He also wanted to know what she was doing with Quinn. In the meantime, Wyatt and Hope continued frolicking on the beach.

Back at Katie's place, she told Ridge she understood why her sister loved him for so many years. She told Ridge he was a decent guy and encouraged him to go to Brooke. Ridge said Brooke wanted an answer now, and he didn't have it.

Suddenly, Brooke sauntered through Katie's door. Katie said Ridge had been on his way to see her. Brooke said she couldn't wait any longer. Ridge didn't want to have a conversation with Brooke at Katie's. Brooke said it would be good for Katie to hear what she had to say. She said Ridge had thrown up a wall between them with distance and separation. Brooke thought it was time to tear down that wall. She pulled out the engagement ring Ridge had given her in Italy and asked if he remembered the ring. Brooke wanted to know where she stood now. Brooke pleaded with Ridge to take the ring, put it on her finger and say he would marry her.

At Forrester Creations, Charlie asked Pam if she had any idea what time it was. Pam explained lunch, the shopping spree and the manicure, pedicure thing and Charlie wondered if she and Quinn were friends now. Pam didn't understand what was wrong with Charlie. He claimed he wanted Quinn to stay away from her and admitted he was keeping something from her. He said he couldn't do this any longer, and noted that Quinn and Wyatt were trouble.

Quinn jumped in to tell Pam that she needed to hear her out. She said Wyatt had done a stupid thing, but it wasn't malicious. A confused Pam didn't know what was going on.

On tomorrow's episode, according to this CBS weekly preview, Brooke urges Ridge to make them a family again. She pleaded with him to get past this. Rick told Caroline it was hard to watch his mother still struggling to make a life with Ridge. Quinn tells Pam that two thieves are behind bars and Charlie is regarded as a hero. Katie urges Brooke and Ridge to take a chance while they still had it. Pam tells Charlie they are telling Liam the truth.

Also, in this extra weekly preview clip, at some point next week, Liam will learn the truth about Wyatt and the stolen diamond. Bill will go to Brooke with some dirt he dug up on Ridge's time in Paris and says it will blow Brooke away. Brooke claims Ridge doesn't keep secrets, but she does seem blown away when Bill presents his evidence. A shocked Hope discovers Wyatt lied to her.

Don't miss the next episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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