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The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam becomes too much for Hope

Is Hope getting tired of Liam's act?
Pascal LeSegretain/Getty Images

On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Katie showed up at Brooke's house. She was sure Brooke wondered why she was there. Brooke said Katie was her sister and she didn't need a reason to stop by. Katie said she had a reason for being there.

Caroline checked a design Ridge was working on and was surprised he was designing a backless dress. She mentioned him always talking about the conservative designs the couture line is noted for. Ridge said women liked to feel daring and desired. He said that would never change. Rick wondered if Ridge was planning on poaching Caroline from the Hope for the Future line. Caroline said she was just looking over Ridge's shoulder.

Rick wondered if Ridge was the reason Brooke hadn't been coming around lately. He wondered if Ridge realized how long he had been away. He mentioned Brooke waiting for so long for him to return. Ridge said he didn't think he was the reason Brooke hadn't been there, but he advised Rick to ask Brooke himself why she hadn't been around. Ridge also mentioned he had been talking to Brooke. Rick told him actions spoke louder than words.

Bill Spencer sauntered in and said the Forrester receptionists were a joke. He hoped he wasn't interrupting Ridge's creative flow. He asked Ridge if he ever drew dirty pictures of women when the teacher wasn't looking when he was a kid in school. Caroline dragged Rick out of the office. Bill told Ridge he loved Caroline because she spoke her mind. Bill told Ridge Paris was the best place to get croissants. Ridge agreed. Bill told Ridge, it he left now, he could catch the last flight to Paris.

Katie told Brooke that Bill came by her office to tell her he wanted her back. She wondered if Brooke put those words in his mouth. Brooke wondered if Katie thought she had that kind of power. Katie said she thought she did. Brooke said Bill was his own person. She thought that if Bill came to her and said he wanted her back, she should listen. Katie wondered if Bill made her that offer to score points with Brooke.

Rick and Caroline ended up in the steam room and she wanted him to know what a sacrifice she was making. He didn't believe she was sacrificing a thing. She said she was sacrificing her hair for him. She knew she would look like a drowned rat for the rest of the day, but she was doing it for him. Rick told her she couldn't look bad if she tried.

Ridge and Bill continued to chat and Ridge wondered if he saw him as an obstacle. Bill said he was more like a tease or a spoiler. He said Ridge stunk of superiority. He claimed he held himself high above everyone else. Ridge told Bill that Brooke was done with him. He said she wanted him to go back to his wife. Bill told Ridge he needed to leave Brooke alone. Ridge told Bill he underestimated what a repulsive person he really was. Ridge said the thought of Bill's hands on his wife keep him up at night.

Brooke didn't think anything was wrong about her reminding Bill what he owed Katie and their son. Katie agreed with that. She wondered if Bill told her that Katie didn't want him back. Brooke said she had talked to him. Katie wondered what Brooke's reaction was. Brooke told her she told Bill to leave and never come back. Brooke told Katie she only wanted to do the right thing. Katie said she believed her and ironically enough, she wanted to do the right thing too.

Bill wondered if Ridge had slept with Brooke. Ridge grew silent and Bill said they were just two guys talking and he didn't have to be shy. Bill assumed Ridge hadn't slept with Brooke because he wasn't gloating. He also said he was sure that Ridge couldn't bring himself to touch what Bill had touched. Ridge told Bill he should stay away from Brooke and Katie. He said neither one of them wanted him and he had ended up sleeping on his son's couch. He said Bill was the poorest rich man he knew. Upon hearing Ridge thought he should keep his distance from the Logan sisters, Bill laughed and left.

Back in that steam room, Rick told Caroline he had been hoping his father would fix the thing with Ridge. Rick was amazed that Ridge had waltzed back into Forrester Creations thinking he could take full command once again. Caroline suddenly slipped into crisis mode and asked Rick for a moment. He obliged and she told him they were in a steam room together half naked yet, he didn't seem to be lusting for her. She wondered if getting married had change everything. Rick was slightly amused. He said the lust would be there for at least forty more years. Caroline announced her moment of crisis had ended.

Rick told Caroline his moment of crisis had ended as well. He said he appreciated the fact that Caroline realized he needed a break. He was happy she had dragged him into the steam room that seen so much action. The couple then fell into the lust trap and quickly reconnected. Sigh!

Back at Brooke's house, Katie wondered if Brooke really wanted her to be with a man like Bill. She didn't know what Brooke expected. Katie imagined herself living with Bill and sleeping in separate bedrooms. While she thought she might do that for her son, she didn't know if Brooke expected her to live with a man who wanted her sister. Katie imagined Ridge was in a similar situation with Brooke.

Brooke reminded Katie of the love she once shared with Bill. Katie said she honestly did love the guy. Brooke asked her why she could not find that love again. Katie explained it all in a nutshell. She reminded Brooke the guy had lied to Katie and he had lied to Brooke. It was an eye opening experience for Brooke.

Katie went on to say that Bill was the love and the life she wanted. She loved him desperately, but she lost him to Brooke. She also lost Brooke in the process. Katie mentioned how easily Brooke fell in and out of love. She said she couldn't turn her feelings on and off the way Brooke did. She just didn't view love the same way her sister did. She said she didn't even recognize the man she fell in love with any longer, and, she didn't even recognize her own life.

Brooke wondered what she could do to help Katie. Katie said she didn't know what she wanted or needed. She could barely discuss this. Finally, a sobbing Katie dashed out of Brooke's house and ran into Ridge, who was just showing up. Organ music please!

On the next episode according to this CBS video preview, Ridge listens to Katie's take on the way Brooke falls in and out of love. She says it doesn't really matter when things don't work out for Brooke with a guy because there is always someone else waiting in the wings. Liam tells Hope he only wants to make sure she's in good hands. He wonders if he's going to drive himself crazy over that. An exasperated Hope claims she doesn't know. She said she's not trying to focus on the future right now and this is all too much for her at the moment. Ridge tells Katie he is proud of her.

Don't miss the next episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do drop a line or two in the comments section below.

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