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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Katie tells Bill to pound sand

Kudos to Katie!
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Ridge darted out of Katie's office though a back door when she got word that Bill was in the building. Bill sauntered in and told Katie he had made a decision. He wanted her, Will and his family back together. He said he wanted to love Katie again. A shocked Katie couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Quinn continued to lurk around Forrester Creations listening to all of Liam's conversations. She told him she heard him begging for Hope to return to him. She told him that it was over for him and Hope and ordered Liam to stay out of Wyatt and Hope's relationship. Liam refused her request.

Pam hovered over Ridge telling him she stocked the refrigerator with his favorite bottled water. She cautioned him that Donna could be a little flighty. An amused Ridge thanked her as she welcomed him back. Pam left his office and Brooke walked in to speak to Ridge. Brooke checked out Ridge's latest design and said that some things never changed. She told him she had some good news for him.

Liam told Quinn if she thought he was going to give up on Hope, she really didn't know him very well. He stated that she was way too fixated on her adult son. Quinn lashed out telling Liam he had wronged Hope so many times it was pathetic. She wondered how much more Liam expected Hope to take. Liam said it was all on Quinn. She had forged that note so Hope would see him with Steffy. Liam said Hope was on to Quinn, and it was only a matter of time before she saw through his son as well. Quinn wasn't worried. She said in time, Hope would realize that she did what she did to protect Hope. Liam found that laughable.

Back in Ridge's office, Brooke told Ridge that Bill had finally decided to go back to Katie. She said he was speaking to Katie at this moment. Ridge wondered if this was another ploy. Brooke insisted it wasn't. Ridge said either way, he wasn't buying it and added that Bill didn't deserve Katie.

In the meantime, a shocked Katie told Bill she had heard this all before--him wanting her back. She said she might be gullible, but even she learned eventually. Bill admitted he had an agenda the last time he wanted her back, but it was different this time. Katie wondered what happened to Hope being the love of his life. Bill said he started his life with her and that was the life he wanted to live.

Quinn advised Liam to respect Hope's decision this time around. She said she and Wyatt and all her employees almost lost their jobs because of Liam, but he didn't care. She mentioned how insecure he was. Liam insisted Quinn knew nothing about him. He said he didn't know much about her and Wyatt either, but he suspected they had secrets.

Quinn told Liam he didn't know how far she would go to protect her son, and warned that he didn't want to find out. Liam asked if she was threatening him. She said it was simply a friendly warning. Liam said he wasn't going to allow Quinn to do any more damage. He was determined to put a stop to it and to find out what kind of people Wyatt and Quinn really were.

Ridge told Brooke that Katie was an amazing person. He said she had been through more than anyone he knew and she had survived it all. Brooke was glad Ridge was advocating for Katie because she thought Katie needed their support. She said Katie was a fighter, but she could be very difficult at times. Ridge hinted that Katie was always the most decent out of all the Logan women. Brooke didn't want to talk about Katie any longer. She said that Ridge should be happy that Bill wants Katie back.

Katie asked Bill if he really thought it could be this easy. Bill said he didn't. He said that he knew he had a lot to prove and a lot of work to do. Katie told him she knew what was going on. She knew that Bill finally realized everything she said was coming true. Ridge was back and Brooke wanted him. Bill had no other options, so he showed up in her office. Bill was speechless.

Liam listened in as Pam and Charlie talked about that jewelry heist that put Hope for the Future on the map. Pam called Wyatt a PR genius and that sparked Liam's attention.

Katie told Bill there was part of her that would kill to have her family back, but she knew Bill was only there because Brooke wasn't. Katie said she refused to be any man's consolation prize--even the father of her son. In the meantime, Brooke told Ridge since Bill and Katie were trying to put their relationship back, they should do the same. Ridge wasn't buying into any of this.

Liam chatted with Pam and Charlie about that jewel heist. Charlie sang Wyatt's praises. Liam wondered if Wyatt really caught those jewel thieves. Quinn was lurking nearby listening in.

Hope told Ridge he knew how she felt, and she wanted to know where they were. He said he was tired of the drama and Brooke promised to be drama free. Ridge wondered what he was going to do with her. He told her he just needed more time. Brooke left Ridge to get back to work.

Katie told Bill she didn't want to be cynical after all she had been through. She said she knew someday someone would really love her and say wonderful things to her. She wanted to love this man back with all her heart. She told Bill he wasn't that man. Bill left and Ridge called to check on her. They both reflected on each other after that call. Take a look at their exchange here in this CBS video clip aptly titled Hit the Road Bill.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Liam puts pressure on Charlie to get to the bottom of what really went down during that jewelry heist. Bill tells Wyatt, he can't solve his mother's problems, but he can make sure that Wyatt doesn't get sucked into them. Hope tells Rick that Wyatt is committed to her and it's nice to have a man that doesn't have another woman standing behind him.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Is Quinn getting on your nerves? Did Katie make a good decision? Does Liam stand a chance with Hope? Vent away in the comments section below.

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