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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Katie loves life and Brooke is good without a man

Will Quinn keep Bill's secret?
Will Quinn keep Bill's secret?
The Bold and the Beautiful

On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke showed up in Bill's bedroom and wondered if someone broke in. In the meantime, Quinn hides out in Bill's closet listening to the conversation between Bill and Brooke. Bill blows by Brooke's questions about a possible break in and claims he was upset when he got home. He claimed no harm was done.

Bill suggested they talk downstairs, but Brooke insisted they needed privacy. She mentioned Liam being down there. Bill reminded Brooke their last conversation didn't end well. Brooke stated that was why she came. She didn't want to leave things that way.

Liam found Aly at Forrester Creations taking pictures of herself on her cell phone. She assumed he wanted her to page Hope. Liam said he didn't even know why he was there. The car just drove itself. Aly told Liam she had to get her picture taken for the Forrester employee directory. She was struggling to come up with a title for herself after realizing nobody ever gave her a title. Her grandfather had told her to create her own. Liam suggested Aly simply call herself the "HFTF" Intern. Aly told Liam he was a genius.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Oliver and Maya were working on a photo shoot for Maya. He told he she was dead on today. She claimed she was treating the modeling like an acting job. She said she had three or four different situations playing out her head while he was shooting. He wondered if he was acting now. Oliver brought up that kiss again. Maya claimed she didn't know what he meant and he didn't know what she meant. She stated the kiss was a one time thing and she was glad they were still friends.

Oliver said he just didn't get why she wasn't married. She said she didn't get why he was still single. He told her not to ask if she didn't want to know. She insisted maybe she did want to know. Oliver told Maya about his job as a DJ before he came to L.A. He was working at Dayzee's before it was her place and he met Hope. Maya was surprised to learn that Oliver was involved with Hope. Oliver said he had really thought he had found the one. Maya wondered how it ended and Oliver admitted it had ended poorly.

Aly remained nervous about her business photo and didn't know if she was supposed to smile. Liam told her he thought everyone should smile. Aly told Liam she would call around to see if Hope was in the building. She said she and Wyatt had been working on something. Liam didn't want to disturb the dynamic duo and said that he just needed to get out of the house. Aly wondered if the house was being painted or fumigated or something. Thinking of Quinn and his father together, Liam said fumigation wouldn't be a bad idea. Aly said she could go have her photo taken together and she and Liam could grab dinner. Liam liked the idea.

Back at Liam's, Brooke told Bill that she didn't want to be aloof and cold towards him. Bill knew Brooke ultimately wanted to be with him and said he understood why she was pushing him away. Katie had obviously convinced Brooke she was getting what she deserved. He said he knew in his heart they would be together because loving him made Brooke who she was. Quinn rolled her eyes in that closet.

Back at Forrester, Oliver claimed he owed a lot to the company. He had gotten a chance to grow here. He also reminded Maya that they were simply employees. He pointed out that the top slots were reserved for Forresters only and those they were married to. He said they had to produce or get out at the level they were on. Oliver was sure Maya felt that same thing once she stopped dating Rick. Maya wondered if Oliver was unhappy at Forrester. Oliver said she wasn't going to get rid of him that easily. Maya stated she wasn't trying to.

Liam asked Aly for a raincheck on dinner. He said he had a feeling his dad would need some propping up tonight. Aly was fine with that. Liam took her picture to prove she was photogenic. He also advised Aly when some guy looked at her like a love struck puppy and asked her out, to make sure he respected her. Aly admitted she had never had a boyfriend. Liam told her it was easy. He said it was just like singing the lyrics to an old tune she never forgot. Aly stood alone grinning after Liam left.

Brooke told Bill it wasn't all bad between them. She knew they had loved each other. She knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Bill told her to hang on to that. He said there was no expiration date on that feeling. Brooke said she wasn't going to tell him that she didn't love him. She said it was just wrong for her to switch husbands with her sister. Bill admitted that was slightly taboo, but he said they had been through that already. Brooke claimed she just wasn't ready yet. Brooke said she didn't just lose a husband, she lost a family.

He wondered if he could wait. He said he had been waiting despite the fact that she had been telling him there was nothing to wait for. He said she didn't lose Ridge, she just outgrew him.

Aly went to see Oliver to have her business photo taken. She apologized for being late and explained a friend stopped by and admitted she doesn't have many of those. Oliver found that difficult to believe. He said she was a Forrester. Aly confessed people thought she was too opinionated. Oliver claimed it was their problem and not hers.

Aly clued Oliver in on a betting pool the women in the cutting room had going. She said some of them thought he was taken and others didn't. They were betting or whether or not he would show with a date at the spring showing. Oliver told Aly to bet he would be going solo and she might win. She found that hard to believe. Oliver said perhaps his luck would change, but he wasn't so sure.

Back at Bills, Brooke wondered if Bill thought it was too late for them. He said it was never too late. Brooke thought it would be too late to make things right again for them. She said it might be easier if he started over with someone else. Bill said he didn't want anyone else. He wondered why she simply couldn't let go of Ridge.

Brooke told Bill she knew he had been consistent and she knew he was a good person. She said she just had to be a good person herself. She wanted to be a good mother and told Bill she needed more time. She wondered if he could give her that. He said there was no doubt. The two fell into a kiss and yes, Quinn was still lurking in his closet.

Brooke said she wouldn't have slept tonight if she didn't talk to Bill. She said she was going to go now and let Bill tidy up his room. Bill left the room with her to walk her to the door after telling her how much he appreciated her visit.

Oliver asked Aly to review the photos and pick her favorite. She said she didn't like having her picture taken and couldn't do it. She wanted him to pick one. He showed her one he loved. She said the women in her family were all gorgeous and she was just average. Oliver insisted she wasn't just average and wished Aly could see what he sees. Aly left abruptly after thanking Oliver for his time.

Bill returned to his bedroom after Brooke left and Quinn was waiting when he returned. Bill wondered why she didn't ruin things for him or at least attempt to. She claimed he would have loved to watch her and Brooke pulling each other's hair out. Quinn said it wasn't her intent to steal him away from Brooke. She also stated she wasn't so sure if Brooke really wanted him back.

Quinn said Bill was still shallow and arrogant, but she liked him more since he had his heart broken a little. She said they had Brooke to thank for that. Bill insisted that Brooke didn't need to know anything about them. Quinn played dumb and said you and me? She told Bill he had tossed her reputation in the sewer once before and she wasn't about to let that happen again. Bill said Brooke didn't need to know she had jumped his bones for her little freak show. Quinn promised Bill had nothing to worry about from her. For some strange reason, he felt satisfied with her response.

On today's episode, Ridge tells Katie that Brooke is in the past and she is going to have to get used to that. Hope worries about her mother accepting the fact that Ridge has left her for Katie. Brooke tells Eric she just realized she doesn't need a man in her life. She admits she should have realized that a long time ago. Katie tells Donna that Ridge supports her, loves her and trusts her. She claims it all feels so good.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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