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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Katie collapses and Quinn comforts Bill

Is Katie in trouble medically?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Bill hung out with Liam while the big wedding at the Forrester estate was taking place. Bill was in the mood to do something crazy. He told Liam if he made one quick phone call, the two of them could be jumping out of a plane within an hour. Liam didn't think skydiving was an appropriate response to the lemons life had handed Bill. Bill said he thought it was important to put as much distance between him and Brooke as he possibly could. Bill insisted Brooke shouldn't be doing what she's doing.

Back at Eric's, Carter started the wedding ceremony off by wondering what one could say about this couple that hadn't already been said. Katie rolled her eyes and appeared very uncomfortable. He spoke about their eyes meeting across a crowded room when they first met. He said that spark between them never quit. It had driven Ridge across the ocean right back into the arms of his soulmate.

Ridge took a moment to say the wedding wasn't the only thing they were celebrating. He also said they were also celebrating forgiveness and the power of family. Brooke turned to Katie and took her hand. Hope recited a verse about love from Corinthians. She said she loved that passage, but believed Brooke and Ridge didn't need the advice. She thought they were capable of writing their own marriage manual at this stage of the game.

Hope also said every time in the past when Ridge and Brooke broke up, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before they would get back together. She said this time was different because they couldn't have been further away from each other. She also said that she didn't know if anyone expected this grand reunion, but said it was a great site to see.

Back at Liam's place, Bill said their was no such thing as fate or destiny. He said it was all about timing and choices. Liam noted Ridge had come back at just the time when Brooke was willing to take him back. Brooke had picked her destiny with Ridge when she should have made it with him.

Eric spoke about what this day meant to him and what it would have meant to Stephanie. Eric said he always felt Stephanie's presence strongly in this room where her portrait hung. He said he felt her presence very strongly today, and to him, that meant she was pleased about what was going on. He said his and Stephanie's love was like that of the love that Brooke and Ridge shared. There were always goodbyes followed by reunions and despite all that, the love they had for each other never wavered. It was like perennial flowers that go dormant from time to time in that their love always sprung back.

Liam joined his father for a drink. He wondered if it would make him forget that Hope was at the wedding with Wyatt. Bill said if he had enough of them, it would. Bill recalled the relationship he had with Brooke. He said it started off great in Aspen and then, he had followed her to Monte Carlo. He said that should have been the beginning of the rest of their lives. Now, however, Brooke was marrying Ridge and none of it made sense to Bill. He wondered what he was missing. Liam said nothing.

Carter wondered if the best man and the matron of honor wanted to say a few words. Rick said he was saving his speech for the reception after everyone had a couple of drinks. Katie appeared uncomfortable when Carter asked if she wanted to say anything. Ridge rescued her and said her presence spoke for itself. Brooke agreed.

Brooke said she and Ridge had made many promises to each other over the years. She said they had kept the promises they made to their son, but she wanted to keep all the other promises they hadn't had a chance to keep yet. She said she wouldn't hold their past against them. It wasn't anything they needed to overcome because it was their foundation. She professed her love to Ridge and vowed that as soon as she said "I do," she would never let anyone or anything come between them again. She would love the man he was, the man he is now, and the man he would be in the future.

Ridge said Brooke was as captivating now as she was the day he laid eyes on her. She had drawn him in and it was happening all over again. He said he wasn't the man he was and he promised to be a great father and husband. He wanted to give Brooke the things she deserved most. He wanted to appreciate Brooke and this crazy journey they were on.

Bill continued rambling on about Brooke and Bill. He said Ridge had always had this thing for being fought over by two women. Liam noted that wasn't happening this time. He told Bill it appeared as though he and Brooke were over and it was looking like he might just have to accept that. Liam said somehow, there was a lot of that going around. Wyatt was a liar, yet Hope is with him. Bill told Liam they were obviously being held to higher standards.

Carter chose the poem Ridge and Katie loved so much for his final reading. He believed "Loves Philosophy" captured the true nature of their relationship. A stunned Ridge glanced frequently at Katie while it was being read. Katie flashed back to that now infamous day in the park with Ridge. Suddenly, she lost all composure and crashed to the floor.

On today's episode, Ridge orders Rick to call the paramedics for Katie. Liam tells Bill that Ridge doesn't belong with Brooke. Katie tells Ridge there is nothing wrong with her and he says he hopes that is so. Quinn decides to hang out with Bill while he's going through his self inflicted agony and she wonders if he's going to turn to Katie now that Brooke is history.

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