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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Hope tells Wyatt they are history?

Did Hope really end her relationship with Wyatt?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Bill forced Brooke to look at some photos he dug up on Ridge. Brooke didn't understand why Bill wanted her to look at the photos. He asked Brooke who Ridge was with in the photos. She claimed he was with a man in the park. Bill thought Ridge appeared to be quite affectionate with this guy. Brooke said he was simply meeting a friend. She said European men were different. Bill pointed out the fact that Ridge wasn't European and the guy in the photo wasn't either. Bill also noted that Ridge had never shown him any affection.

Ridge paid Katie a surprise visit at her place once again. This time, he had R.J. with him. He said he knew Katie had the day off. Is there anything Ridge doesn't know about Katie? R.J. brought Will a present and Katie urged Will to say thank you. R.J. said it could wait until Will learned how to talk. As Katie and Ridge chatted, R.J. told Will that people talked baby talk to him until he was in second grade. Katie observed that R.J. had inherited the Logan talent for exaggeration.

Rick was surprised when Hope entered the office. Rick knew that Hope was upset. She wondered if it was her. She asked if she was putting something out there that made people want to lie to her. Rick gave her a hug. Liam got home and was surprised to see Caroline hanging out. He wondered why she was there. She said his father thought he was spending too much time alone together. She then admitted this was Malibu and she came here to get some fresh air and escape the office.

Back at Forrester Creations, Hope discovered that Pam knew all about the jewelry heist. Rick said that Pam had shown him the surveillance footage. Hope told Rick she didn't want it to come out in court that their whole heroically thwarted robbery was a hoax. Rick agreed that would tank Forrester's credibility and the integrity of Hope's line.

Hope explained that the taped showed Wyatt taking the diamond, and admitted he had confessed to everything. She noted they still had that contract termination clause.

Back at Katies, Will played with his toys with R.J. and Ridge and Katie looking on. At Brooke's she and Bill continued their conversation about Ridge. Bill insisted Ridge had told Brooke he wasn't seeing any women in Paris because he wasn't. He was seeing a man.

Brooke told Bill he couldn't actually believe that Ridge was having an affair with a guy. Bill pointed out the fact that his sister once dated Thorne because she was repressing her feelings. He said people change during the course of their lives and he also emphasized the fact that pictures didn't lie. Brooke said the photos only proved one thing. That was the narrow minded way that Bill saw the world.

Bill continued to show Brooke pictures. One photo showed Ridge and this man clutching a gay pride flag. Brooke suddenly noticed the other guy was Fabrice. She said he had been a designer at Forrester and happened to be Ridge's protege. The guy left to be with another guy in Paris, but eventually, they ended their relationship. She said Ridge had been kind enough to take him in because he didn't want him to be alone. Bill showed Brooke another photo of Ridge and Fabrice at a poetry reading. Brooke told him to stop. She said if Ridge were interested in men that way, she would know.

Back at Katie's, Katie told Ridge R.J. was a pretty great kid. She said she had been worrying about R.J. moving yo Paris. Ridge said the experience was great for him. He told Katie about his friend Fabrice and how he introduced R.J. to French television and showed them places in the city they didn't even know existed. Ridge said it had all been good and R.J. had been at a good age to learn a new language.

Caroline wondered how Liam had gotten home. Liam said he had his car, but he had no idea how Wyatt would get back because Hope had taken his truck. Caroline mentioned that Hope must have been sick of listening to the two of them fight. Liam suspected that Hope was tired of Wyatt's lies. Caroline said sometimes people had to lie for the good of other people. She said her mother never told anyone the truth about her life. Liam looked confused and said he couldn't live and lie all the time. He knew as well, that Hope didn't want a guy who did.

Rick wondered what Wyatt had been thinking. He couldn't believe the guy never would have considered that there would be consequences to his actions. He said he could have ruined Charlie's security firm and Forrester would have been in the hole trying to cover the cost of the missing diamond. Hope was sure that Wyatt had considered all those things. She said she just didn't ask for details. Rick wondered why Hope was defending the guy and she said she just didn't know. Just then, Wyatt entered the office and a stunned Hope didn't know what to do.

Bill asked Brooke is she wanted to spend the rest of her life pining for a man who was pining for a guy. Brooke stated that she and Ridge had gay friends and she knew first hand he was not gay. Bill wondered why Ridge wasn't here with Brooke.

Katie took Will upstairs and Ridge and R.J. had some time alone. Ridge had discovered that R.J. had lied about having the day off for a parent/teacher conference. Ridge had received a text from the school. R.J. knew he was in trouble, but he claimed he didn't want to be in school in Ojai. He said he couldn't tell anyone because it had been his idea to go to school there. Ridge said people were allowed to change their minds. R.J. said he wanted to go home. He missed his parents and he didn't want to go back to that school.

R.J. suspected he was grounded. Ridge said he wasn't, but he would have to listen to a lecture from him. Ridge said there was one secret to success in life. He said that secret was being honest. He said honesty made for success in every single relationship in life. He also said that when a person wasn't honest, nobody knew who they were. They wouldn't know how to talk to them or treat them, and they wouldn't know how to love them. Ridge pointed out that it all sounded pretty lonely and he hugged his son.

Katie returned and asked Ridge if he would mind dropping her and Will off at the park on his way out. Ridge said it was no problem, but he wanted to join her. He had a change of clothes in the car. Katie said it sounded good.

Back at Liam's he was frustrated because Hope's phone kept going straight to voice mail. Caroline said she was sick of both Wyatt and Liam. Liam said he had only told the truth. Caroline stated that wasn't always the quickest way to a woman's heart. She said whenever she asks Rick how she looks, he knows his answer better be some variation of fabulous. Liam was amused. Caroline said he could call her shallow, but that's the way it was. Caroline also predicted Hope would forgive Wyatt because he adored her and nobody else.

Rick told Wyatt he was disgusted with him. He said his actions could have cost Forrester everything. Wyatt said he knew all about the crazy things Rick had done for publicity. Rick reminded him that he didn't run this company. He said he and his family have made tricky decisions but none of them included fraud. Wyatt said love made a person do crazy things. He had been watching crime shows and thought it he could solve a crime it would make Hope see him differently. He never stopped to think he was committing a crime and he never knew how much it would hurt Hope. Wyatt said he knew that now.

Bill told Brooke that Ridge came home specifically to reunite with her, yet it still hadn't happened. Bill thought that Ridge felt guilty over his own dalliances and therefore, he had to make Brooke feel bad about hers. Bill wondered if Ridge wasn't gay, what was his story? He also said he knew Brooke didn't sleep with Ridge, but he wanted to know how close she came. Brooke refused to discuss this with Bill.

Ridge, R.J., Katie and Will arrived at the park and spread out a blanket. Back at the cliff house, Liam didn't think Caroline was being too supportive. Caroline saw no point in saying sympathetic things she didn't mean. She told Liam she was sorry he was hurting. Liam insisted he wasn't hurting. He said he was simply angry.

Caroline stated that Liam's brother had whisked his one true love off in a trailer. Liam stated that Hope would never jump into a relationship without a commitment. Caroline said staying in a trailer overnight was the next best thing. She said she had to hope that Hope would forgive Wyatt. Liam didn't think Caroline was taking sides. Caroline said she wasn't. She was just rooting for her and Hope. She said Quinn may have crazy in her eyes, but her sense of design and form were spectacular. She said Wyatt kept her focused and there would be no dealing with Quinn without him. Liam said he just couldn't imagine Forrester keeping Wyatt and Quinn on after this revelation.

Rick wondered who else knew about the bogus jewel theft. Hope said Liam, Pam and Charlie knew. Wyatt admitted his mother knew as well. He said she had found out after the fact. Wyatt said the damage was controlled apart from Liam. Hope said Liam wouldn't go to the police because he was more careful about her reputation than she was.

Rick announced he was terminating Wyatt's contract. He said he would get it in writing from legal. He also stated he was calling Quinn in next. Wyatt reminded Rick he wasn't the one who hired him. Rick flipped out and told Wyatt he was the president of this company and he called the shots.

Wyatt asked Hope if this was what she wanted. He said he knew what he deserved, but pointed out that he and his mother had been good for this company. He also said he had tried to be good to Hope in other ways, but he wondered if that was all over too.

Rick asked Hope what it was going to be. He said he had never pulled rank on her line and he wanted to know if they were going to cut Wyatt and Quinn or not. Hope grew silent.

On the next episode, Rick asks Hope again if she wants to keep Wyatt and Quinn around. Liam tells Quinn it is all over for her and Wyatt. Wyatt pleads with Hope for one more chance. She tells him as far as their relationship is concerned, they are no longer together.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful." Will Hope and Wyatt really end? Take a look at this CBS video posted today. Is this a dream or will Hope change her mind. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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