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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Hope stands up to Quinn

Can Hope really reach Quinn?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Ridge paid Katie a visit while Bill parked himself in Brooke's bedroom to have a chat. Brooke insisted that Bill leave, but he refused to do so until she told him that he did not lose her to Ridge. Brooke told Bill he had already lost her, but he refused to believe it. He said if that were the case, Ridge would be here. Brooke admitted Ridge was slightly disillusioned with her but swore she would change that. She said she simply had to get her family back together.

Back at Forrester Creations, Eric wondered why Donna wasn't out on the town with some eligible bachelor. Donna explained she was just at Katie's. He called her Katie's support system, but Donna said that Ridge was also supporting Katie. Eric was surprised to hear that Brooke confessed everything to Ridge. He mentioned how difficult that must have been for her to do. He also thought it had to be a rough thing for Ridge to hear. Donna told Eric that if Ridge wasn't open to taking Brooke back, it would only encourage Bill to pursue her even more.

Speaking of Bill, he told Brooke she was allowing Ridge to lay a guilt trip on her. Brooke said all she cared about was R.J. and Ridge and getting her family back together. She said it was all she ever wanted. Bill wondered if she felt that way when they were together. Brooke said they were never really together even though they were committed. She said they continually had to fight their attraction. They weren't together like a real couple in love should have been.

He said they had to fight their attraction because of Katie. Brooke said they were wrong together and Bill blamed Ridge for walking out on her. Brooke said Ridge walked out on her because she had lied about Deacon. She also said he walked out on her again tonight because he wasn't sure of her. Bill wondered why Brooke had to play the martyr. She said she had hurt too many people over and over again for years.

In the meantime, Ridge wanted to know why Katie didn't tell him that Bill tried to trick her into signing papers so he could spend more time with Will and get his job back.

Donna and Eric ordered take-out and continued chatting about Ridge, Brooke and Katie. Eric said he didn't think Brooke set out to steal her sister's husband. Donna wondered why she didn't try to resist when she knew where it was going. Eric was sure Brooke had already asked herself that question many times. Donna worried about Bill being unwilling to back down. She claimed that having Ridge back in the picture was making Bill more determined to win.

Brooke told Bill he had to let her go. She said she had caused so many scandals over the years and she wanted to do the right thing. She admitted she still loved him but said it was a pivotal time for Will and Bill needed to be there for him. She told Bill they could walk away from each other. She said they had to do this because it was wrong to hurt the people they loved. She said she and Ridge shared a child and he wanted both his parents together. Brooke also said that Katie was lashing out. She said in some ways Ridge's return only made her feel worse about Brooke. That made Bill think of something.

Katie wondered what happened between Ridge and Brooke tonight. Ridge said it was complicated. He said that Brooke betrayed Katie despite the fact that Katie was always so loyal to Brooke when she was a kid. Ridge said Katie survived all of it and she would survive this. A grateful Katie said Ridge was the first person who understood the way she felt. She said there were times she felt as though she was losing her mind. Even people in her corner didn't understand how she really felt. She said she was glad Ridge was back.

Katie was certain Ridge blamed Bill because she knew he wasn't a fan. Ridge wondered what Katie ever saw in Bill. Katie claimed Bill used to look at her like she was the only person on the planet who mattered. She could see in his eyes that he really loved her. She said Brooke took that away from her. She told Ridge now, Bill looks at Brooke that way.

Bill wondered if Katie was accusing Brooke of wanting both him and Ridge. He concluded that was why she was sending him back to Katie. Brooke swore she wasn't sending him back to Katie. She just wanted him to consider all the heartache they caused. They discussed R.J. and Will and Bill admitted he missed Will. Brooke said they could fix everything by not making more mistakes. Bill insisted their relationship wasn't a mistake. Brooke attempted to convince him that he missed Katie as much as he missed Will.

Back at Forrester Creations, Donna wondered if Katie would even consider taking Bill back if he finally realized there was no future for him and Katie. Donna thought Katie would be better off if she met a new guy who would appreciate her the way Bill never had.

Katie apologized to Ridge for feeling sorry for herself. Ridge said it didn't sound that way to him. She said she had so much. She had Will and she was financially secure. She also stated apparently she had a friend who understood the way she felt. She said things could be worse and mentioned how they were when she was dealing with her depression. Ridge said he was sorry she had to go through that.

Ridge couldn't get over what Katie had been through. She said she had to take some of the responsibility. Ridge said he had to do the same. He added that Brooke crossed a line, but felt that most of this was on Spencer. He told Katie if he took Brooke back it would be like condoning what they did and he was unwilling to do that. He said he just couldn't do that.

Brooke told Bill he built his empire by dealing in absolutes. She said everything was black and white in his world and said that was how he built his empire. She told him when he fell in love with her, he automatically believed there was no room for Katie. Brooke said there was room for Katie however and he should go back to his family and give Will a chance. She said they couldn't be together and have that. She was determined to heal their families. Bill wondered what he would do if Katie didn't take him back. Brooke said she would take him back.

Bill said he couldn't forget her. Brooke said he could savor every memory and she would do the same. She only knew they could not be together. A solemn Bill walked out the door.

Katie urged Ridge to forgive Brooke if she was really sorry. She said there was no reason to destroy two families. She advised him to take care of his son and reminded him that him and Brooke always found their way back to each other and they would this time too. He wondered if she would take Bill back. Katie wasn't sure if that was possible at this point. Ridge wondered how she felt about being alone. Katie said she wasn't alone. She had her son. Ridge said she deserved a man who would cherish and take care of her. He pulled her into a hug.

On today's episode according to this CBS video preview, Ridge tells Katie he just doesn't get how Bill and Brooke could have betrayed her like that. Hope has words with Quinn telling her she doesn't need to send e-mails from fake accounts or forge letters. She also notes if Steffy wanted to tell Liam her good news she could have picked up the phone and called him. She tells Quinn she had no reason to get involved. Katie tells Ridge she used to be able to look into Bill's eyes and know exactly what he was thinking. Now, she claims if he came back to her, she would always wonder if he was fantasizing about Brooke.

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