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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Hope chats with Katie about Ridge

what will become of Katie and Ridge
what will become of Katie and Ridge
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke waited at the hospital for the results of Katie's blood work. She hung with the doctor while Ridge waited with Katie. Katie apologized for stopping the wedding. Ridge said he was glad it happened.

Back at the cliff house, a shocked Liam couldn't believe Quinn was upstairs having sex with his father. Hope suddenly knocked on Liam's door with some breaking news about the wedding. She told him about Katie. Quinn and Bill continued their sex fest and It was no ordinary sex. Sounds of glass breaking and Bill groaning could be heard by Hope and Liam. Hope heard all the commotion and Liam said his father was under the weather. She wondered if they should tell Bill that Brooke's wedding didn't happen. Liam insisted Bill would be fine in time. He said his father needed to be alone now.

Katie told Ridge she felt as though she couldn't lose him. She said she didn't ever do these kinds of things. Brooke showed up at the door and called out to Katie.

Quinn said the sex with Bill was everything she remembered. She said it was no wonder Brooke left him. Bill said this was the reason why Quinn was alone. She had attempted to stab him with his sword necklace again, but Bill insisted he only came out of it with a scratch. Quinn had one herself. Hope began to worry about Bill. She thought they should go check on him. Liam insisted that Bill would want to be alone.

Liam wanted to hear about the wedding. Hope said that things had been moving along nicely. Carter was about to marry Brooke and Ridge when he started reading from a passage. Hope said it was a beautiful passage, but suddenly Katie fainted. She said Katie just went down. Liam wondered if Katie had a heart attack. Hope said she seemed to be alert right away. She said Katie insisted she was fine, but they took her to the hospital to have her checked out because of her history.

Liam mentioned it must have been stressful for Katie and Hope wondered why. Liam said he had something to tell Hope. He said Katie and Ridge had feelings for each other. Hope said they had been friends for years. Liam insisted the feelings were real. Hope thought it was ludicrous. She said there was never an attraction there. Liam explained how Ridge and Katie had been bonding and hanging out. Liam said he thought Katie was in love with Ridge. Hope panicked because Ridge had gone to the hospital with Katie and Brooke. She worried that the truth could be coming out right now.

Brooke went to Katie's side and Katie said she was sorry for ruining the wedding. Brooke said she didn't. Brooke still wondered what happened. Katie said it was stress, it was just a feeling. Brooke said she should talk to the doctor about what she was feeling because it could help him get to the bottom of her condition.

Liam and Hope continued to talk and Liam assumed what happened to Katie was based on stress. Hope asked Liam about the poetry again. Liam said that Hope and Katie had been sharing a love of poetry together. He said there was one particular poem they both loved. Hope thought it was odd that Carter was reading a poem when Katie collapsed.

Hope got ready to leave Liam's. She said she had to get to the hospital. She had to talk to Katie to find out if this was true. She said she couldn't fault Katie or Ridge because circumstances brought people together and she knew that. Hope just didn't want her mother to marry Ridge if Ridge wanted Katie. She didn't want to see Brooke hurt again. She hugged Liam for providing the information and took off.

Upstairs at Liam's, Bill and Quinn got dressed and surveyed the physical damage they had caused by all that rough sex. Quinn couldn't find her underwear and Bill said he would burn it. She told him to enjoy his hangover and kissed him while clutching his sword necklace once again. Bill simply shook his head.

Back at the hospital,, Brooke told Katie she wanted her to be happy, healthy and strong. She really thought Katie should talk to her doctor about what she was feeling. She went to find the doctor and Hope rushed in to check on her aunt. Hope, Ridge and Katie discussed what had happened. Katie said it was nothing serious, but Hope said the fact that she fainted at her mother's wedding wasn't nothing. Ridge remained silent.

Liam found Bill on the couch and Liam wanted to make sure he was okay. Liam told Bill that Hope was there. He also told him that Ridge and Brooke never got married. He told Bill about Katie fainting and added that she was okay and getting checked out at the hospital.

Brooke found the doctor who assured her Katie's test results so far had been fine. They indicated nothing serious was going on. In the meantime, Hope told Ridge and Katie she knew about their feelings for each other. Hope realized Katie was fine and accused her of stopping the wedding to prevent Ridge from marrying Brooke. Katie caved and admitted she had stopped the wedding. Hope needed to know if she stopped the wedding because she loved Ridge. Katie had no choice but to admit she did.

On today's episode, Brooke tells Ridge he broke her mother's heart. She said he came home and all Brooke did was try to be good enough for him. She was horrified that all this time, he was secretly in love with her mother's sister. Bill tells Liam he believes Katie did what she did to give him and Brooke a second chance. Hope tells Ridge the worst thing he could do to her mother was make a promise he couldn't keep. Bill tells Liam right now is all he has.

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