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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Gearing up for another Brooke and Ridge wedding

Will it be a picture perfect wedding?
Will it be a picture perfect wedding?
The Bold and the Beautiful

On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke continued trying to convince Katie to be her matron of honor. Katie said she just couldn't do it. Brooke apologized again for her affair with Bill and she said Katie was the catalyst that got her back into Ridge's arms. Brooke didn't understand why Katie wouldn't stand up for her. Brooke insisted that both she and Ridge needed her to be there. She wondered if she had to go get Ridge to convince Katie of that. Katie insisted she didn't need to do that.

Katie remained hesitant. She told her sister she had everything she wanted and said that R.J. would have his family back. Katie didn't believe she could add anything. Brooke said that Katie represented pure honesty. She said she couldn't imagine reuniting with Ridge without her sister by her side. Brooke hated what she had done to her sister. She knew Katie would never had done anything like that to her. She assumed Katie was resisting because she hadn't forgiven her yet. She also predicted her sister would forgive her when she was ready.

Katie flashed back to her time with Ridge in the park. Brooke told Katie that Ridge was the only man she had ever really wanted. She said she wanted to experience the bond that had as sisters once again. She thought with Katie by her side at her wedding, she could do that. Katie just didn't get why it was so urgent for her to be at that wedding. Brooke pleaded with Katie to just do this for her, and for both of them. A worn out Katie finally agreed to stand up for her sister.

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt, Hope, Pam and Ridge were in a meeting. Ridge mentioned how great Wyatt and Quinn's work had been. Wyatt insisted his mother deserved all the credit there. Pam began to make smart comments about how amazing Quinn and Wyatt were. The topic of conversation changed, and shifted to Brooke and Ridge's upcoming wedding. Wyatt thought that there still might be a chance for Katie and Bill. Ridge insisted Katie wanted nothing to do with Bill. Pam suspected there was a good man out there for Katie and that man would be someone just like Ridge.

Wyatt, Hope and Pam headed up to the rooftop leaving Ridge to talk with Carter and Maya about his wedding. Pam tried to talk to Hope about Wyatt, but she basically got nowhere. Wyatt interrupted after hearing an appalled Pam discuss how he framed a jewel heist and lied about it. Hope had told Pam that Wyatt wasn't anything like his mother. She insisted she was okay with him. Pam wasn't buying it and Wyatt told her he regretted everything he had done. She mentioned Liam being alone and Wyatt hoped Liam would find a good woman. Pam said Wyatt was exactly like his father.

Pam left and she and Wyatt discussed Quinn and Pam. Hope explained that Pam was family and she meant well. They chatted about Quinn and Hope still wasn't sold on her. She told Wyatt she needed to speak to her. Wyatt mentioned that his mother seemed to be having a love/hate relationship with Bill these days.

Speaking of Quinn, she slithered her way into Wyatt's house once again and found Bill. She instantly sensed that something was bothering Bill. Bill didn't get why Quinn had been showing up there so much lately. Quinn asked if what had him out of sorts had anything to do with Brooke Logan. Bill suggested Quinn go to work and find her son. He didn't want to deal with her. Quinn told him he was in a mood. She also said she didn't miss his moods. She also wondered if he missed anything about her. Bill thought for a half a second and told Quinn there was nothing.

Quinn chalked Bill's lousy mood up to Brooke. She figured Brooke marrying Ridge had something to do with Bill's case of the blues. Bill said it had nothing to do with Brooke. He said it was all about Ridge.

Ridge entered Spencer Publications and Katie thanked him for coming. Ridge said her message sounded important. Katie said she wanted him to know she would be at the wedding when he and Brooke said their "I do's."

Bill told Quinn he most likely should have seen that wedding between Ridge and Brooke coming. He just didn't. Quinn told him she knew there was someone out there for Bill even though he was losing Brooke for good. Bill said he didn't want someone else. He said he didn't need someone else. He insisted he was good the way he was. He also said he would share that with Brooke.

Brooke told Hope how Katie remained resistant about standing up for her at the wedding. Hope thought Katie must be jealous of Brooke's happiness. Brooke said it seemed like it was more than that. She explained how she really had to talk her sister into this. Brooke believed in her heart that if Katie could see how happy she was, she would not feel threatened by Brooke any longer.

Ridge listened as Katie explained she had agreed to be Brooke's matron of honor. She told him she had initially refused, but Brooke continued speaking about the importance of family. She said her sister thought she was the standard bearer of decency. Ridge said Katie kinda was that. He also told her he needed her there. Katie told Ridge nobody could argue with the fact that he and Brooke were meant to be together. She said tomorrow would be the start of something new and exciting for both of them and said she would be there. She promised to be a part of Ridge's brand new beginning and said that's what she wanted for him.

They hugged and Katie had tears in her eyes while Ridge appeared slightly pained.

On the next episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke can't wait to get into her wedding dress and see the look on Ridge's face when she walks down the aisle. Liam tells Katie there is still time for her to stop the wedding. Katie congratulates Ridge on his big day and Rick tells him he's glad he can count on him to take care of his mother. Katie tells her sister that Ridge is an incredible man. She advises Brooke to love him and cherish him with everything she has.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and, if you missed the CBS video preview of the wedding between destiny's favorite couple, do see it here.

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