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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Could Ridge be into the boys and Katie too?

Seriously Bill?  Ridge into men?
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" had its share of revelations. Viewers witnessed Wyatt exposed for the jewel theft scam by Liam, and Bill Spencer desperate to dig up dirt on Ridge. That guy really needs a job. A crushed Hope also took off leaving Liam and Wyatt in the dust arguing.

The show opened with Bill Spencer checking out the information Justin had dug up about Ridge while he was in Paris. Justin said now they knew what Ridge was up to in Paris all this time. Allegedly what Justin found was horrifying.

Back at the cafe where Caroline was having lunch with Katie and Brooke was dining with Ridge, Caroline snapped a couple of selfies of her and Katie. She wondered if it was okay to still refer to Katie as aunt Katie. Katie reminded Caroline she was married to her nephew. Katie continued to glance in Ridge's direction and he never missed one of those glances.

Back near where the silver bullet was parked, Liam waited at a distance so Hope could chat with Wyatt. Liam continued watching that surveillance footage of Wyatt lifting the diamond. At least he wasn't having another Hope flashback, right? In the meantime, Wyatt tried to convince Hope he staged the heist for her. Hope reminded him she told him she didn't want any more secrets after that video his mother sent her, and she wondered why Wyatt didn't get that. Hope said he had promised her no lies, but in the end that's all she got.

Wyatt told Hope he didn't know why he never told her about the jewelry heist. He said he grew up doing things like this with his mother. He said he had been trying to open up to Hope on this trip. He said his mother was the only moral example he ever had. He wasn't proud of how he grew up, but he didn't learn about the fact that actions had consequences until he met Hope. Wyatt pleaded with Hope to forgive him.

Justin was shocked that Bill intended to show Brooke those photos of him that Justin had dug up about Ridge. Justin was concerned that this would shock Brooke. Naturally, Bill wasn't afraid of the shock factor. Instead, he was embracing it.

Back at the lunch Brooke and Ridge were sharing, Brooke told him about Hope's road trip with Wyatt. She explained how Hope and Wyatt had just hit the open road and took off on an adventure. Brooke thought she and Ridge should do something like that. Brooke then invited Ridge to Big Bear. He seemed hesitant and wanted to think about it. Brooke said they didn't need to think or talk about this any longer. They just needed to get away and touch each other. Yet another signature Brooke piece of philosophy, right? What is she thinking?

Justin told Bill he couldn't believe Ridge was hiding something from Brooke. Bill claimed Ridge was a fool for not thinking Bill would figure it out. Brooke took a call from R.J. who said his classes had been cancelled. He needed a ride from the station in Ojai. Ridge was surprised Brooke had R.J. in school at Ojai. It was surprising that he wouldn't have known this. Brooke said Ridge had him in Paris and noted Ojai was a lot closer. She thought she and Ridge could spend time there, visiting their son and going out to dinner. Ridge thought Brooke had Wyatt's road trip on her mind. Ridge said he would go get R.J. because he missed him.

Brooke also told Ridge he should consider moving back in with her. In the meantime, Caroline and Katie were about to leave the cafe. Caroline wondered if Katie wanted to say goodbye. Katie thought they should leave Brooke and Ridge alone. Caroline also wondered if Katie thought Ridge seemed different. She said Brooke always seemed to have this mythical power over him. Katie said Brooke's mythical powers extended to all men. Caroline said Ridge just didn't seem as engaged with Brooke. Katie said Ridge and Brooke went through phases, but they always got back together in the end. Katie and Caroline left and Ridge told Brooke he could not move in with her.

Liam insisted Hope go home with him. Wyatt said that wasn't going to happen. They began bickering and Hope couldn't get a word in. Liam said his intuition had told him something about Wyatt since the first day he arrived in L.A. He called him a sleazy low-life and said he knew what he was like on the inside, and now, Hope did too. A flustered Hope looked on without saying a word.

Ridge told Brooke he couldn't let R.J. down by pretending he was back with Brooke. Brooke didn't want Ridge to even insinuate they wouldn't get back together. She said it would be no big deal if he moved back in. Seriously Brooke? It appears she doesn't want to talk any longer and is determined to dive in touching and feeling her guy, but Ridge isn't biting. Brooke got a call from her office and left.

Liam told Wyatt he had to manipulate Hope to win her. Liam said Hope deserved better than Wyatt. Wyatt thought Liam was delusional if he thought Hope would go back to him. Wyatt accused Liam of having divided feelings. He said he was always waiting for Steffy to walk through that door. A furious Liam said he hadn't had divided feelings for a very long time.

Wyatt told Liam he was glad he brought the prank heist it to light. He said he and Hope would now have a stronger connection because of this. He ordered Liam to leave. Liam said he wouldn't leave without Hope. Wyatt insisted that Liam better leave because he and Hope were still in the middle of their trip. Liam claimed the trip was over.

Wyatt stated he made one mistake and wondered if Liam had ever done that. Liam told Wyatt it was his mistake as mega one, and he also told him his mother was a lunatic. He revealed how Quinn had locked him in the freight elevator to prevent him from getting to Hope before Wyatt whisked her away. Liam was sure Wyatt was aware of that, but Wyatt insisted his mother acts on her own.

Liam and Wyatt heard an engine start. It was Hope hitting the road on her own. Apparently they had both blown it at this point.

Back at Forrester Creations, Bill showed up in Brooke's office telling her there was something she needed to know. Brooke wanted Bill to leave, but he said he was moving in with her. She said she didn't have time for this. He said she wouldn't be going back to Ridge. Brooke claimed she just had lunch with Ridge and things were going amazingly well. Bill didn't believe that for a second.

Brooke admitted Ridge was having a difficult time, but she said it would all work out. Bill hinted that there was a reason Ridge hadn't come back to her. He said Ridge had secrets about his life in Paris. Brooke caved and wanted to know what Ridge had been doing in Paris. Bill handed Brooke an envelope with photos of Ridge with a man. Brooke seemed horrified as she gazed at the photos.

On the next episode, Brooke tells Bill if Ridge was interested in men that way, she would know. Caroline tells someone that 'she' will forgive him because he adores her and no one else. Who was she talking to and who was she talking about? Interesting. Liam says he doesn't see Forrester keeping Quinn and his mother on, and Brooke refuses to talk about Ridge's time in Paris with Bill. Rick tells either Wyatt or Quinn he was terminating their contract.

In this weekly CBS video preview for next week's episodes, Liam claims he can't imagine Hope giving Wyatt another chance. Aly has a makeover and wonders if Liam would possibly be interested in her. Later, she agrees to have dinner with Liam, who thinks she looks amazing. Donna forces Katie to admit there is a guy in her life and, apparently that guy is Ridge. Katie claims she can't do this to her sister.

Don't miss "The Bold and the Beautiful" next week and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Will Hope give Wyatt a second chance? Does Ridge have a secret life and will there be a spark between Liam and Aly? Vent away right here.

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