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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Could Ridge be interested in Katie?

What's up with Ridge?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Pam told Charlie she was on to Quinn the whole time they were out of the office together yesterday. She said when Quinn called her girlfriend, she knew something was up, she just didn't know what that something was. She also said it really fried her cookie when Quinn simply assumed Pam was an airhead. Pam told Charlie that Quinn voted on the wrong pony this time and she wanted to go see Liam.

Speaking of Liam, he was the office having one of those signature B&B flashbacks of Hope. Ridge was at work tweaking one of Caroline's designs. Two models were in the office fawning all over him. Caroline called for a little professionalism.

Brooke stopped by Katie's to thank her for all the support she gave her when she was trying to get Ridge to marry her. Brooke told her sister she was surprised by her show of support after all she had put her through. Brooke hugged Katie telling her she was grateful and overwhelmed.

Back at Forrester Creations, Rick began barking at Ridge for interfering with the "Hope for the Future" line. He reminded Ridge he didn't design for that line and pointed out that he was the executive in charge on this one. He said he and his team had rebranded the line quite successfully, and he didn't want it looking couture. He said going back to the old Forrester ways with this line would send it off into a financial abyss. Ridge said he simply gave a note here and Rick could take it or leave it. Caroline said she was taking it and began asking Ridge's opinion on a second dress.

Hope told Katie the support she showed her almost made up for the fact that Ridge didn't put the ring back on her finger. Katie said she was sorry because she knew that was what Brooke wanted. Katie also thought it would eventually happen because she and Ridge always found their way back to each other. Brooke wasn't so sure. She said Ridge seemed so disillusioned. Katie said hearing about Brooke and Bill was a shock for Ridge. She thought he just needed a little more time to absorb the shock.

Brooke said she knew she had to learn to be a little more patient. Katie said that wasn't exactly her strong suit. Brooke said she had been patient with Katie and it seemed to be paying off. She said she felt almost as though they were real sisters again. Katie said they were real sisters and R.J. was her nephew, so of course she would want his parents back together. Brooke wondered about Will. Katie said he would be fine. She said lots of kids grew up happy in broken homes. Brooke said Katie felt like she couldn't get back with Bill because of what she had done. Katie stated that Bill didn't get a free pass here. Brooke suddenly admitted that her affair with Bill might have been one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

Pam and Charlie showed up in Liam's office and he was surprised to see them. Pam said they really needed to talk to him. She asked him to go easy on Charlie because he already felt bad enough. She said it was that woman who creeped Charlie out. Liam wondered who the woman was, and, as soon as they said it was Quinn, Liam grew concerned.

Charlie finally caved and admitted to Liam it was Wyatt who stole lat diamond.

Back on the road, Wyatt told Hope he had never been happier and she said she was happy too. He wondered if she had any regrets and she wondered why he kept asking that. She said she didn't regret anything that happened between them. She also said in the beginning she worried he may have had some character flaws. She insisted she looked for honesty and respect in a person, and she wasn't sure he had those traits in the beginning.

Wyatt assumed Hope had her doubts because of the way he treated Liam. Hope said Wyatt was kissing her in Liam's house and constantly putting Liam down. He said he was blinded by jealousy. Hope told Wyatt she believed he had redeemed himself.

At Forrester Creations, Carter noted the models gushing all over Ridge. Rick said that Ridge didn't notice because he was all about Brooke. Ridge had a feeling Rick wanted to say something to him and Carter took that as a sign to exit. Ridge asked Rick what was on his mind. Rick jumped in without hesitation admitting his mother was on his mind. Rick said she had been through a lot and he didn't want to see her get hurt.

Brooke and Katie continued their conversation. Brooke wondered if Katie would continue to put a good word in for her with Ridge. They had discussed Ridge needing more time and Brooke figured if she had her affair with someone else's husband, Ridge would have forgiven her by now. She knew he had a problem because the object of Brooke's affection was her sister's husband. Brooke suddenly wondered if Ridge could be involved with someone else. Katie seemed to grow uncomfortably silent.

Back in paradise, Hope asked Wyatt if he knew where they were going next. Wyatt said they were simply going to follow the highway unless Hope wanted him to have a plan. She said he could be spontaneous and he told her he loved her and she was wildly sexy. He said they could just hang out and enjoy each other inside the silver bullet, but Hope said this was a road trip and she thought they should just hit the road.

A stunned Liam reminded Charlie he had told him that there was nothing on that surveillance tape. Charlie admitted he lied. Liam wondered if he was trying to protect Wyatt. Charlie said he was trying to protect himself from Quinn. Pam explained Quinn had threatened Charlie--but not in a specific way, because that wasn't her style.

Charlie said Quinn told him he would lose his job, and Hope wouldn't want him around because she was happy with Wyatt. He said Quinn had insisted it was a harmless prank and she wanted Charlie to keep it a secret. Pam also informed Liam about Quinn fawning all over he at lunch pretending she was her best friend. Pam said she went along with it, but she knew something was up. Pam and Charlie apologized for not telling Liam sooner. Charlie showed Liam the surveillance footage and all he wanted to do was get it to Hope.

Rick told Ridge he had been under the impression that his mother wanted Ridge to put her ring back on her finger. Ridge admitted she did, but he explained he needed more time. Rick didn't want Ridge stringing his mother along. He wondered if there was something Ridge wasn't telling him. He asked Ridge if he was involved with someone else. Ridge said he wasn't ready to commit and Rick wondered if he wasn't ready to commit to just his mother, or, if was committing to any woman that had him spooked. Ridge said it was any woman.

Katie wondered if Ridge had given Brooke a reason to believe he was involved with someone else. Brooke said he hadn't, but his reluctance to commit told her otherwise. Katie suggested Brooke just give Ridge the time he needed instead of manufacturing obstacles. Brooke said she would let it sit for now. She said she had been in and out of love so many times. She said Katie had only had one man and she had ruined that for her. Katie said they didn't have to talk about that again. Brooke was worried Katie could end up depressed again, but Katie said she was actually doing quite well. Brooke wondered what was up with Katie.

Liam told Pam and Charlie that Caroline saw Wyatt and Liam just before they left. He said he had to call Caroline to see if she had any clue where Wyatt and Hope may have gone. Liam was desperate to get to Hope. Liam called Caroline who told him they were heading south and had mentioned a surfing safari.

Liam poured over a map and decided to head off to Emerald Bay, which was exactly where Wyatt and Hope were. Hope found Wyatt's sword necklace and, as she held it, it seemed as though her mind was wandering. Was she thinking of Liam? Wyatt called her outside and said he didn't want to go back home. He loved having Hope all to herself. He loved, her, the open road, the sun and the surf. Hope said they didn't have to go just yet.

Brooke discovered Katie had been reading poetry again. Katie said she had forgotten how much she loved it. She loved the wisdom and purity of the words and it made her feel good. Brooke called it food for the soul and told Katie she should never let go of something that made her feel so good. Katie was thinking of Ridge as the words flowed out of Brooke's mouth.

On the next episode, Bill tells Brooke she is too good for Ridge, and he figures if he says that enough she will eventually believe that. Charlie roots for Liam stating he will track down his honey no matter what it takes. Charlie is convinced Liam is about to bust Wyatt and expose him for what he really is. Bill wonders if Ridge is interested in someone else right know, which is an eyebrow raising comment for Brooke.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do drop a thought or two in the comments section below.

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