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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Could it be over for Hope and Liam?

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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Ridge wondered if Brooke talked to Katie. Brooke started to explain that she has and told him at first Katie was hurt. He interrupted her to ask what was wrong with her. He accused Brooke to simply taking what she wanted without any regard for anyone else. He mentioned Bridget and how her family members depended on her. He couldn't wrap his head around Brooke and Bill together. He had thought he could put their family back together.

In the meantime, Donna and Katie chatted at Spencer Publications. Katie mentioned how Bill had just left and Donna noted he had a way of sucking all the happiness out of a room. Katie said the visit was actually nice, but she was confused and said this time of year was difficult. She hated having a son that was connected to a man she barely knew any longer and she wondered if Bill ever cared for her. She also told Donna that Brooke was always the one who would tell her that everything would be alright. Now, that was gone. Katie contemplated forgiving Brooke, but she just wasn't there yet.

Back in Hawaii, Liam pleaded with Hope to go home with him so they could get married. He knew they loved each other and wanted to put the whole Steffy incident behind them. Wyatt continued interrupting Liam and Liam kept telling him to shut up. He said he and Hope knew how much they cared about each other. Wyatt stated Hope definitely knew how she felt given the fact that Steffy was with him the morning of the wedding.

Liam told Wyatt Steffy had some very relevant news to give him and he told Wyatt he had just explained that all to Hope. Liam mentioned Quinn orchestrating the entire Steffy incident and asked Hope when they were going to stop allowing people to interfere in their lives. He noted first it was his father and now, it was Quinn. He told Hope he belonged to her and she to him and they were the only two people who knew that.

Ridge continued talking to Brooke. She reminded him that he left her. He said he didn't blame her for wanting to move on, he just couldn't believe she did it with Bill. He noted that Bill had a wife and a family. Brooke said he wouldn't understand. Ridge demanded she make him understand.

Donna continued trying to cheer Katie up and suggested they go out for New Year's Eve. Katie said that sounded nice, but she couldn't. She wanted to spend some time with her son. Donna suggested she invite Bill over and Katie rejected that idea. Donna then told Katie she should have Brooke over because she was sure Katie was one of Brooke's New Year's resolutions.

Ridge wondered how Brooke could end up with her sister's husband. Brooke explained that Katie wanted them together. She explained how Katie took off and lead her and Bill to Aspen. She mentioned Katie's postpartum depression. She said she and Bill didn't know she had it at the time. When they did, they got her help. She mentioned Bill being there when Stephanie died. She explained how Katie had taken off her rings and demanded a divorce. Katie said she wanted Brooke and Bill together. Ridge didn't get any of this.

Elsewhere, Liam, Wyatt and Hope continued their conversation with Wyatt inserting his opinion every chance he got. Wyatt wondered why Steffy didn't simply call Liam with her news instead of showing up. Liam suggested he ask his mother why. Hope mentioned Quinn writing that note and Liam noted that she never walked into the cabin to see what was going on. Wyatt also pointed out that it didn't matter how Hope got to the cabin, it only mattered that what she saw was a source of pain for her. Hope had repeatedly said that she didn't want Liam near Steffy at all.

Wyatt said that Liam's connection to Steffy would never go away. He said Hope deserved to be free from that ugly feeling she gets every time Liam utters Steffy's name. Hope asked Wyatt for a moment alone with Liam.

Ridge wondered at what point Bill and Brooke decided that it was okay for them to be together. Brooke said it was everything from taking care of Will to Stephanie's death to Ridge not being there. Ridge pointed out the fact that it took Katie a very long time to find a man of her own. He was appalled that Brooke would take that away from her. Ridge wondered if Brooke was in love with Bill. She didn't even have to answer for him to figure out that she was. Brooke said she wanted Bill to go back with Katie and she believed eventually he would go back and rebuild his life with her sister.

Ridge told Brooke he was sorry, but he just couldn't do this. He said he didn't know where to put any of this and told Brooke he would see her. Brooke was left alone and in tears.

Liam pleaded with Hope to come home with him. He said they could get married first in Hawaii if she wanted that. Hope told Liam she came to the realization that she doesn't want to see Steffy with Liam ever. She couldn't live like that and she didn't want to. She told Liam he never should have let Steffy into that cabin. She said he should have gotten Hope as soon as Steffy showed up to see him. She knew she was putting a lot of pressure on Liam and realized that wasn't fair. Liam said that was a problem, but it was a problem they could work on together.

Liam wondered if Hope loved him. She said she did and he concluded they hadn't failed. He wanted her to come home with him. Hope struggled to give him an answer and Liam said, either way, he was leaving. He said he had to go. Will Hope stay with Wyatt?

Brooke's phone rang, and the caller was Ridge. She chose not to answer. Back at Spencer Publications, Ridge surprised Katie showing up in her office. He said she looked good as CEO. Katie wondered if they had business to discuss. Ridge said he just wanted to see how she was holding up. Katie said she was fine. She was running the company and taking care of her son. Suddenly, Ridge blurted out that her sister took her husband, the father of his son. He asked her again how she was holding up.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Liam doesn't seem to think that he and Hope have a problem since they both love each other. Hope mentions after all the years they have put into this relationship, it seems sad that it could end this way. Katie tells Ridge she is determined to be happy and Bill tells Brooke he is there for her and he's pretty sure she likes it that way.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and so share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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