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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Charlie caves and Brooke wants a decision

Is Charlie about to crack?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Quinn asked Charlie how it was going. Charlie just claimed he was keeping an eye on things. Quinn said Forrester had the right man for the job, but Charlie wasn't so sure. Quinn told him he had to forget about what happened at the boutique. Charlie said he didn't know anymore. He said he was keeping this dirty little secret about Quinn's son. He also said now, Wyatt had Hope and Liam had nothing. Charlie felt that he had helped Wyatt pull off his scam.

After finally getting off that elevator, Liam arrived home looking for Hope. Instead he found Caroline. Liam wondered if Hope was there. Caroline said she wasn't, but she had just seen her on the highway in Wyatt's truck which was towing that ridiculous trailer. Liam looked as though he was going to collapse.

Meanwhile, Hope and Wyatt hit the open road in his new trailer and were beyond excited about their getaway. Wyatt told Hope they had air in the tires and the brake lights worked. He said they were good to go. They couldn't believe they were doing this. They sat on a large boulder overlooking the ocean and began to shoot some 'selfies' with Wyatt's camera.

Quinn reminded Charlie he had done Forrester Creations a huge favor. She said he was part of a publicity stunt that paid an enormous dividend. Charlie said he was tricked by her son, and faking a jewel heist was not a publicity stunt. In Charlie's mind it was a crime. Charlie said there were two men in jail for something they didn't do. Pam came along and Charlie brushed her off stating he had to get back to work. Pam asked Quinn if she knew what was up with Charlie. Quinn suspected the guy was overworked and said it was a huge responsibility protecting all of them from the crime that's out there. Pam looked worried.

Liam asked Caroline if he new where Hope and Wyatt had gone. Caroline said they didn't go west unless that silver bullet could float. Liam thought she was being cavalier about this whole thing. Caroline said she was in the grandstand so Liam and Wyatt were on their own. Liam wondered if Caroline was sure she wasn't cheerleading. Caroline insisted she wasn't taking sides, but hinted that she did have her own opinion. Liam wanted to know what that opinion was.

Caroline said in her vast storehouse of experience, if a person wanted to land a lover, they had to let them go. Liam looked confused.

Back in silver bullet heaven, Wyatt and Hope cruised down a highway and parked the trailer to leap into each other's arms, kiss and toss a football around.

Pam told Quinn she was a little out of sorts today. She claimed something was going on with Charlie. She said she liked to get things out in the open and she needed to talk to him about what was bothering him. Quinn offered a little advice saying sometimes it was better to leave things alone. Pam said she was sure Quinn was right, and guessed that was probably the reason she was low man on the totem pole. Quinn told her she was the executive assistant to several executives on this floor. She told her she was working too hard and wanted to take her to lunch. Pam said she had a baloney sandwich and Quinn told her she was much to valuable to the company and deserved a lunch break. Quinn insisted Pam join her and said she was buying.

Back at Liam's place, he told Caroline Steffy had shown up at his wedding, she had also gotten an e-mail from his computer and then, he got locked in an elevator. Liam insisted the common denominator here was Quinn. Caroline wondered if he could prove that. Liam said he didn't have to. He said he knew her footprint. Caroline wondered if Liam thought Wyatt was aware of Quinn's idiosyncrasies. Liam said he would have chosen the word insanity, but he was sure Wyatt knew his mother's act well. He said he believed Wyatt was covering for her.

Back on the road, Wyatt took Hope on a tour of the inside of the trailer. She said the trailer was him. He said he wanted this trip to represent the good old days when they looked back on it. Wyatt wanted to talk about his mother. He said she had been a little OC about him since she was a kid. Wyatt didn't want Hope to be surprised if Quinn went a little too far now and then. He said sometimes her people skills were skewed. Hope mentioned Quinn being behind that video and Steffy's arrival in L.A., and Wyatt said he hated that.

He told Hope once when things were really bad for him and his mother, she sold some gems that weren't what she claimed they were. Hope thought that was awful. She wondered if Wyatt was part of it. He admitted he knew what his mother was up to, but he did nothing to stop her. He said it was a big regret and he hadn't done anything like that since. He wanted Hope to know who he was then, and who he was now. He insisted Hope was the difference in his life.

Pam told Quinn she didn't have to take her to lunch. Quinn insisted she wanted to. She told Pam she didn't have many friends and said she didn't get out much. Pam was shocked. She wondered about the people at Forrester and Quinn said she found most of them were dishonest and stuck up. Pam said she knew what Quinn meant.

Quinn told Pam she had been impressed with her since the first day they met. She said Pam was honest and easy to be with. Quinn told Pam she would like to be her friend. A shocked Pam said she had no idea. Quinn didn't want to be pushy. Pam assured her she wasn't coming off that way. Quinn and Pam toasted to friendship.

Wyatt wondered if he had burst the bubble by talking about his mother. Hope said honesty was never a bad thing. She said they both had interesting parents and if Wyatt didn't fault Hope for hers, she wouldn't fault him for his. Wyatt said that was a deal. Wyatt gave Hope a gift and told her not to open it until he was gone. She wondered where he was going. He said he had to set something up outside. Hope shook the large package he left her.

Quinn thanked Pam for joining her for lunch. Pam was surprised she was thanking her. She said she usually eats alone. Quinn said she thought Pam was a good person. Quinn also thought everyone deserved a second chance. Pam wondered if Quinn had ever done something really bad. Quinn admitted something had been weighing on her and she didn't like to talk about it. Quinn thought since she could trust Pam and they were friends, she would open up. She said it was about her son.

Back at Liam's place, Caroline wondered if jealousy was motivating Liam. He noted this was much bigger than jealousy. He said Quinn was capable of anything and he had to protect Hope. He said if Quinn was cornered, their was no telling what she would be capable of. Caroline wondered what Liam thought Quinn would do. Liam wasn't sure, but he insisted he had to protect Hope. He said he and Hope weren't finished yet and if Quinn found out about that, she could become dangerous.

Hope put on the beach outfit Wyatt had given her and went outside to find him. She was amused when she noticed him building a tee pee like structure on the beach. He thought she looked beautiful in the outfit and she was amazed by his all natural building skills. She couldn't believe he had built this thing so quickly. Wyatt said it wasn't his first time. He said Hope should see him in the woods. She noted she already had. Wyatt laughed and said he walked into that one.

Wyatt told Hope she was made for this environment. He said she was as beautiful as anything out there. The two fell into a passionate kiss.

On today's episode, Quinn tells Pam that they are very different people, but she thinks that makes for a very good relationship. Brooke tells someone Ridge claims he still needs time, but she doesn't intend to wait any longer. Charlie tells Pam Quinn is trouble and so is Wyatt. He admits he's been hiding something from her. Brooke tells Ridge they don't need to wait any longer. She insists they need to make a decision now.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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