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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Brooke vows to be happy forever with Ridge

The big day finally arrives
The big day finally arrives
The Bold and the Beautiful

On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke was getting ready for her big day when Rick walked into the room to see her. He said he hadn't seen a smile that big on his mother's face for a very long time. Brooke said the smile would be even bigger when she married Ridge. She thanked Rick for all he and Caroline had done to help the plans along. She also told her son she always knew that Ridge would return to her. Rick told her Pam was in the kitchen driving the caterers crazy. He explained he advised the catering crew to ignore her.

Downstairs, Eric helped Ridge with his tie. He thought it was slightly comical that his father was still trying to dress him. Ridge wondered how Stephanie would have felt about this wedding. Eric assured him she would have been thrilled for him. Ridge's mind wandered once again as he recalled reciting poetry with Katie.

Carter told Maya he had some different ideas for this wedding ceremony. He seemed slightly nervous about officiating this wedding. Rick joined them and Maya told Carter that Rick wouldn't want Ridge and Brooke's vows to be better than his and Caroline's. Rick readily agreed with her sentiment. Wyatt and Hope entered and Rick wasn't exactly thrilled to see Wyatt. He told Hope she should go upstairs with Brooke, Donna and Caroline.

Rick went outside to see Ridge. He welcomed him back into the family. Rick told Ridge how happy his mother was about this wedding. He remained nervous that somehow, Ridge and Brooke would eventually break up the way they always did. Ridge promised Rick it wasn't going to be like that this time.

Katie was all dressed for the wedding when Liam entered her house. She had been flashing back to reciting poetry with Ridge before Liam's arrival. Liam told her it wasn't too late for her to stop the wedding. He said he could see the longing and the pain in her face. Katie said she didn't know what Liam was talking about. Katie also said if she stopped the wedding, it would destroy a family and she didn't want any part of that.

Liam continued to try to reach Katie saying she needed to realize that Ridge wanted her. Katie refused to budge and eventually, Liam gave up and went home.

Back at the estate, Donna, Hope and Caroline gushed over how beautiful Brooke looked. Caroline commented her mother-in-law was hot and Donna said Brooke was one of those people who couldn't look bad if she tried. Hope joked that was why they all hated her. Donna received a text from Katie who said she was on her way. Brooke seemed pleased and Caroline said it must be nice for her to have peace in the family. Brooke said she had no idea how happy it made her that Katie was standing up for her.

Hope wondered which lipstick Brooke wanted to wear and Caroline wondered if she had the something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new required wedding items. Brooke said she did. She said she had a piece of R.J.'s baby blanket stitched into the inside of her dress so he could be part of the wedding. Brooke explained she and Ridge weren't going to tell R..J. until after the ceremony.

Katie arrived at the Forrester's and Ridge was the first person she saw. Katie congratulated Ridge and said she was glad he was marrying Brooke. The two of them spoke about making sacrifices. Ridge commented that Katie had made her fair share of those. Katie told him that he was marrying an incredible woman who was completely devoted to him. Ridge said he knew that. He also wondered what Katie would be with all this. Katie told Ridge she would be fine because she always was.

Eric invited Wyatt to join him upstairs. He said he had something for Brooke that Wyatt would be interested in seeing. They arrived upstairs and Eric took Stephanie's jewelry collection out of a safe. Wyatt was amazed as he looked over the stuff. He said that many of the pieces were one of a kind designed by some of the most famous designers. Wyatt thought the pieces were remarkable. Eric took a diamond brooch out and told Brooke he thought Stephanie would want her to have this.

Katie joined the girls upstairs and told Brooke she always made a beautiful bride. Katie knew how happy Brooke was to be marrying Ridge. She also suspected Brooke was happy that the Logan sisters were all there supporting her. Donna, Hope and Caroline left the room to give Katie and Brooke some time alone.

Brooke wanted Katie to know how happy she was that she was there. Katie said she was there because she was her sister. Brooke said Katie was a sister she didn't deserve. Katie told her not to say that. She told Brooke this was her day to put her family back together. She knew Brooke wanted that for R.J. and for herself and Ridge.

Brooke said all she had ever wanted was for Ridge to return to her. Katie told Brooke she was marrying an incredible man. She advised Brooke to cherish Ridge with everything she had. Brooke said she did cherish Ridge. She said she intended to love him for the rest of her life and never let him go. Donna entered to say it was time and Brooke and Katie told each other how much they loved each other.

Liam slipped up and told Bill maybe he should go stop the wedding. Bill had said he had just talked himself out of doing that. Bill wondered why Liam would say that. Liam tried to convince his father it was merely a joke, but Bill was suspicious something was up. He wanted to get over to the Forrester estate but Liam told him to get a grip. He said if anything happened to ruin that wedding it couldn't be because either one of them were involved. Bill hoped that Brooke would see the light before it was too late.

On today's episode, Hope comments what a beautiful thing this wedding was to see. Brooke vowed she would never allow anyone or anything come between her and Ridge ever again. Bill begins to feel as though he missed something. If he only knew!

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