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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Brooke tells Bill she's doing it again with Ridge

Does Bill stand a chance?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge and Brooke and Ridge met with Rick, Eric, Donna and Hope. Ridge announced that he had proposed to Brooke.

In the meantime, at Spencer Publications, Katie told Adele to fill up her schedule. If she was in the office, she wanted to be in a meeting. If she wasn't in a meeting, she wanted to be at home with her son. Liam entered and wondered if he was interrupting. Katie said he wasn't and Liam said the advertising survey needs idea she had was a good one. He also hinted that Katie had been very good at considering the needs of others lately.

Bill worked a punching bag at Wyatt's and told his son the Quinn wanted him. He told a shocked Wyatt that Quinn had kissed him wanted to see if it felt like she remembered. Wyatt had to admit it wasn't the craziest thing his mother had ever done. Wyatt wondered if Bill really wanted to get into a debate as to which one of his parents was crazier.

Bill told Wyatt it wasn't going to happen between him and Quinn. He emphasized that Quinn needed to know that. Wyatt said he thought his mother was more interested in his relationship with Hope than she was starting up again with Bill. Bill told Wyatt he had heard things were going well for him and Hope. Wyatt said they were back on track.

Elsewhere, Liam brought up the subject of Ridge again to Katie. Katie said she had just been friends with Ridge and said he was going back to Brooke. Katie didn't believe they should discuss this anymore. Liam said he couldn't drop it. He said he was in his office thinking of what a kind person she was. He said she was always thinking about the needs of other people from their employees to their advertisers to her sister. Liam said Brooke had no idea how much Katie had given up for her.

Back at Forrester, everyone congratulated Ridge and Brooke. They explained they weren't going to tell R.J. until after the ceremony--which they intended to keep small. Eric announced there would be no court house wedding. He wanted them to get married at his place.

Bill told Wyatt it appeared he chose the right son to live with. Wyatt wondered if Bill had become fond of wheat grass and tofu. Bill said he simply meant he expected it to get pretty crowded around here. Wyatt said if Quinn had told him Hope was moving in, it wasn't true. Bill thought that could change pretty quickly. Bill also mentioned he heard the problem he had with Hope was work related. Wyatt admitted he had made a bad call, but said Hope had given him a chance to make it up to her.

Bill told Wyatt he gave Liam a lot of grief when he was with Hope. He said he just didn't understand why he felt like he had to constantly prove himself to Hope. He said he didn't get why any guy would put himself in that position. Now however, he finally got it.

Back at Forrester, Brooke explained to the family that a proposal was the last thing she expected. Hope said Ridge's timing was perfect. Ridge said finding the right person was as beautiful as poetry. They began talking about the wedding and Brooke said, since they couldn't top how they married all those times before, it was going to be low key. Hope said she thought they should make this the biggest and best wedding ever. Ridge said he only wanted to make it the best marriage ever.

Eric insisted they marry at the Forrester Estate under the watchful eye of Stephanie. He said she would have been thrilled for them. Donna advised the couple to keep the old "speak now, or forever hold your peace" out of the ceremonial script. Rick thought that portrait of Stephanie might just come crashing down, but Brooke insisted that portrait wasn't going anywhere. She said this was one wedding nobody would be able to debate. Seriously Brooke?

Hope suggested Ridge and Brooke have Carter officiate the ceremony. Brooke didn't want to move too fast. She said she hadn't even given Katie the news yet. Donna wondered where Katie was. Brooke said she had decided to tell Katie in person.

Speaking of Katie, Liam asked her if she thought she deserved to be happy. Katie didn't want to discuss this any longer. Liam said she was a good person and he knew she didn't want to do what Brooke did, but he said she deserved a shot at happiness. He told her sitting around reading love poems would never be as sweet as the real thing. He failed to see why she sent Ridge back to Brooke. Katie said Ridge came back for Brooke and she wanted them to be together.

Liam thought Katie had a real shot with Ridge. He had seen with his own eyes that Ridge had feelings for her. He told Katie she just needed to be happy. He told her to seize the moment because nothing would feel worse than knowing she had a chance and let it slip away.

Rick and Hope discussed their mother's upcoming wedding, and while Hope was thrilled about it, Rick didn't see it the same way. He said that Ridge came back to town to resume his relationship with Brooke. He thought it had simply taken the guy too long. He also noted his mother wasn't wearing a ring. Hope wondered if Rick thought it wasn't real because their mother wasn't sporting a giant rock.

Hope reminded her brother that Ridge and their mother had issues. Rick clarified that point telling Hope that Ridge had issues with Brooke. He said he wanted to be supportive, but he kept running into a big red flag. Hope understood that Rick didn't want to see Brooke get hurt again. She didn't either but she insisted this time was different for her mother and Ridge. She had spoken to Brooke about it.

Rick hated the fact that Ridge had let Brooke down so many times. Hope pointed out that this was different because there was nobody else in Ridge's life right now, and nobody else in Brooke's. She said it was a chance for them to start a new chapter.

Bill told Wyatt he wasn't worried about that little dressmaker of his. They began talking about Brooke. Wyatt said Ridge had come back for her. Bill said Ridge was all talk and no action. He said he could see what he wanted right in front of him, but he just couldn't pull the trigger. Wyatt noted that his father did have an affair with Brooke and that was a lot for Ridge to digest. Bill said Ridge had left Brooke for a year and he had no right to comment on how she spent her time, or who she spent it with.

Bill told his son that Ridge had basically treated Brooke like crap for the duration of their relationship. He said the good thing for him was that Valentine's Day was coming up and Ridge would never be able to compete with his plans.

Ridge was sketching at the office alone when Liam walked in. Liam suspected Ridge must have known why he was there. Liam said he had just been with Katie. He said she was an incredible woman who was a lot stronger than anyone knew. Ridge agreed. Liam said he respected all of Katie's choices and he knew she had cut her ties to Ridge, but he just didn't think she really meant it. Ridge noted that Katie didn't play games. He said his future was with Brooke and they were off to a good start because he had just proposed. He told Liam they were getting married.

Brooke showed up at Spencer Publications to see her sister. Katie noticed right away that Brooke was smiling. Brooke said she regretted all her past choices and she wanted to put all this behind her. She wanted to bury the hatchet with Katie. She told her sister that Ridge had proposed and they were getting married.

While Bill told Wyatt he intended to win Brooke back on Valentine's Day forcing Ridge to make other plans, Liam continued his chat with the newly engaged Ridge. Ridge told Liam everyone had been supportive. Liam said he had witnessed the fact that Ridge had feelings for Katie. He wanted to make sure Ridge was sure about this. Ridge stated he was. Liam wondered when the wedding would take place. Ridge said as soon as possible and Liam didn't get what the rush was. Liam picked up Ridge's poetry book and made a comment. Ridge snagged to book back and thanked Liam for the congratulations. He advised him to take Katie's lead and let this go. Ridge said he was committed to Brooke and R.J.

Brooke told a stunned Katie that she would never be a problem for her again. She said she was moving forward with Ridge and she wanted to move forward with her sister again. Brooke hoped this was proof enough for Katie that she wanted nothing to do with Bill. Brooke also told Katie that she didn't accept Ridge's proposal right away. She said no man had ever hurt her the way Ridge did. She said she made him tell her beyond a shadow of a doubt that this marriage would be forever. She made him promise he would never leave her again.

Brooke also told Katie she would never come between her and another man ever again. She said no matter what they were, they were sisters first. Katie simply said, "yes, we are," hugged Brooke and told her she was happy for her.

On today's episode, Rick tells someone he will always believe in their destiny as long as she needed them too. Bill asked Brooke why she always tricked herself into believing things will be different. He wonders why Brooke can't see Bill for who he is. Katie tells Liam she knows he means well but says he has to leave this alone. Hope and Wyatt celebrate Valentine's Day and Brooke finally caves and tells Bill she's engaged to Ridge and they are getting married.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts and gripes in the comments section below.

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