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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Brooke hears Katie's confession

Can Katie get through her confession?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Thorne wondered if Brooke had told Hope about her plans to leave Paris. Brooke said she hadn't yet. She was sure Hope would be fine without her. Hope had Wyatt and Thorne and Aly too. Thorne remarked how badly Hope seemed to want Brooke there. Brooke had to agree but said she didn't understand why. Thorne wondered if there was more to it than Hope was saying.

Back in L.A., while Will was in his crib having a conversation with his bear, Katie asked Ridge what came next. Ridge said he didn't know what would happen in the future. He didn't even know what would happen tomorrow, but he did know about right here and right now. He thought he and Katie should just enjoy each other for the moment.

Wyatt and Hope shared an amazing moment in the bedroom and Wyatt was grateful that Aly didn't walk in on that one. Hope still couldn't get over Aly. She said she was like someone she didn't even know. Wyatt suggested that this could have been Hope's first real glance at Aly Forrester. Wyatt said her paranoia and anger were something else. Hope said she felt that Aly just had an idealized image of her.

Hope said that Aly had to learn to accept the fact that she was in a relationship with Aly and she and Wyatt were simply expressing their feelings for each other. Wyatt wanted to discuss expressing their feelings for each other. Wyatt admitted said he cracked the door a little when Hope and Aly were chatting and he said he heard Hope say something.

Thorne took a phone call from Ridge's old roommate and told Brooke he sent his best to Ridge and Brooke. Brooke told Thorne how Bill had insisted that Ridge and his roommate were in a romantic relationship while Ridge was in Paris alone. She said there had been a photo of the two of them at a gay pride parade. Thorne called Bill an egotistical jackass who would do whatever he could to come between Brooke and Ridge. He couldn't believe Bill would accuse his brother of switching sides.

Brooke admitted Bill was still trying to get to her especially since the wedding didn't happen. Thorne wondered if Brooke thought Bill would ever go back to Katie. Brooke said she doubted Katie would have him. Thorne said that was a good thing because Katie deserved a man who would appreciate all her good qualities. Brooke suggested Thorne could be that guy. Thorne said Katie could do better than him. He told Brooke he was calling the jet to arrange for her return trip to LA. He said Brooke should get home and marry Ridge.

Katie and Ridge spent a romantic night at her place telling each other how much they loved each other. Wyatt suggested that Paris would be a great place for he and Hope to start their married life--when they were ready. He said they could have the RV shipped and he could park that silver bullet right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hope said he would have to live in the same city as Aly and that might not be a good thing.

Brooke entered Hope's suite and she was surprised to see her mother. Brooke said she had decided to leave Paris the following morning. She felt as though she should start her wonderful life with Ridge and live happily ever after.

Katie asked Ridge if this was really happening. He said it was. She said it didn't feel real, but he said it felt real to him. Katie said nobody would have expected the shy little Katie to have had this happen in her life. Ridge didn't see her that way. Katie wondered if they would get through this. Ridge promised her they would.

Hope wanted to push things up so they could finish in Paris by the weekend and all fly home together. Brooke said she had made up her mind to leave and Hope and Wyatt would be fine without her. Hope said if her mother's heart was set on this, she and Wyatt would fly back with her in the morning. An overwhelmed Brooke was looking forward to her new and perfect life with Ridge.

Ridge told Katie, they would break the news to Brooke together. He said they would find the right words. Katie thought she should talk to Brooke alone herself once she returned. Ridge thought he should be with her, but Katie said she needed to face this alone. Katie said she could be bossy sometimes and Ridge realized he was not going to win the argument. Ridge wondered why he never really saw Katie before now. He told her she was the most wonderful and amazing woman he had ever met.

Brooke felt badly about Wyatt leaving the hotel suite. She said it looked as though Hope and Wyatt had a special evening planned. Hope wasn't worried about it. She said she and Wyatt would have plenty of time together in the future. Brooke hoped that Hope understood why she was so desperate to get back to L.A. She said she should be married now and would be were it not for that issue with Katie. Brooke said she just didn't want any more delays.

Hope told her mother since they were leaving, she had some work to finish up on her laptop. She said she was heading off to her bedroom to finish up and she would see Brooke first thing in the morning. Hope rushed into the bedroom and picked up the hotel phone to call Katie. Hope claimed she had bought Katie and Ridge some time, but revealed her mother was insisting on returning to L.A. first thing in the morning.

Hope wondered if Katie and Ridge had the time to sort things out. Katie said she didn't know how to say this, but they had sorted things out. She said they were in love with each other and wanted a future together. Hope said her mother was going to be heartbroken and she wanted to know when Katie and Ridge intended to tell Brooke. Katie said she would talk to Brooke herself when she got home.

Brooke picked up the phone and a horrified Hope told her mother she was on the phone. Katie said hello to her sister and Brooke was thrilled to hear her voice. She was also relieved to hear that Katie was feeling fine. Brooke said she couldn't wait to come home to Ridge. A nervous Katie told her sister she would let her go. She knew it was late in Paris and she would see her tomorrow.

Katie simply looked at Ridge and said "tomorrow," He pulled her close and the two of them were obviously thinking about what was ahead for them.

On today's episode, Hope tells someone she has a terrible feeling she's done a terrible thing. Ridge talks about wanting something so badly for so long, he can't ever remember not wanting it. Hope asks Ridge how he is any better than Bill Spencer because of what he's done to Brooke. Katie confesses that she is in love with Ridge.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. How will Brooke handle this news? How will Bill react to the news that his ex-wife wants to be with Ridge? Will Bill jump back into Brooke's arms? Do drop a line or two and don't miss today's episode.

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