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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Brooke gets her proposal, but Bill has plans

Can Ridge and Brooke really last forever?
Can Ridge and Brooke really last forever?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge wanted Brooke to put that ring back on her finger and marry him. He wanted this for them and for R.J.

Katie gave Liam a nameplate for his desk that bore his new title. Liam was sure he was going to be fired. Katie told him just because he was Bill's son, it didn't mean there was a target on his back. Katie added that she didn't believe Bill set out to intentionally hurt her. Liam said it was sort of like her not intentionally developing feelings for her sister's husband.

Katie didn't understand why Liam had brought that up. She wished Liam had never seen that close moment between her and Ridge. Katie insisted she had spoken to Ridge and things between them were over, even though things had never really started.

Bill wondered why Quinn had kissed him and she said she already told him why. She simply wanted to see if it felt the same. She mentioned being young and stupid when she was with him. He dreaded hearing her talk about their time together again. She insisted she wasn't dredging up the past and said she was glad she ran into him. She added she was glad about the kiss too.

Bill said if she was coming on to him, she would end up disappointed. Quinn assumed he was pining for Brooke. Bill said he didn't pine, he conquered. Quinn suggested he could be losing his touch. Quinn said Bill wasn't the only game in town at this point. Bill said Ridge was the least of his problems. Quinn pointed out that Ridge and Brooke shared a child together. Bill countered with the fact that he and Katie shared a child as well, but they weren't getting back together. He said Katie had moved on.

Quinn wondered if Katie had a new man in her life. Bill predicted that would eventually happen. Quinn thought it would be great if there was another Ridge around because she thought Ridge would be perfect for Katie.

Liam thought Katie was being too hard on herself. She insisted she wasn't going to do to Brooke what Brooke had done to her. Liam insisted it wasn't the same thing, but Katie said it was in her mind. Katie claimed Ridge and Brooke always got back together in the end. She said this time was different because they were different. Ridge had been kind and supportive and her sister had sworn she had changed. She said she did more than put a stop to her and Ridge. She had insisted he go to her sister and propose. Liam didn't get any of this.

Brooke told Ridge when she asked him to marry her, he said he needed a little more time. Ridge told Brooke he was here now and he wanted to put his family back together. "So, marry me." he said to a speechless Brooke.

Bill asked Quinn how things were going with Eric. She said he was charming and good looking. Bill pointed out the fact that he was also loaded. Quinn knew that, but said she didn't believe anyone could compete with the memory of his dead wife. Bill told Quinn that didn't seem to stop her. She thought he was making her sound calculating. He said if the dagger fits, and Quinn barely noticed the dig. She also said he was driven as opposed to calculating and he was the same way. She pointed out the fact that their personal lives reflected that.

Bill told Quinn his personal life was just fine. She wondered if that was why he was hanging out alone working out. She said he was a virile man and all that pent up testosterone must have been getting to him. Bill said he liked to keep in shape. Quinn wondered if he was doing that to be ready just in case Brooke wanted to jump back into his bed.

Quinn changed the subject and ask Bill what the deal was with the Logan women. She said men seemed to be obsessed with them. She said his sons were obsessed, and so weren't Eric, Ridge and even Bill himself. Quinn said she just didn't understand it. She got the attention Brooke received and maybe even Donna's if one liked slutty honey. She thought that Katie was kind and moral. She thought Katie was more Ridge's type. She even believed Ridge was better suited to Katie.

A shocked Liam didn't understand why Katie would send Ridge back to Brooke. He concluded that she wanted this for R.J. She wanted R.J. to have what her son couldn't. Katie told Liam if she thought her and Bill could make a go of it for Will, she would have. For Katie, the trust was just gone. Liam got that. Katie also said Brooke and Ridge's love had been tested a million times and they always ended up getting back together.

Liam said it wasn't about love for Ridge and Brooke. He said it was about the scandal. He thought if Ridge were in a relationship with Katie, he would never have to worry about scandal again. Liam thought Katie should follow her heart. Katie figured she and Ridge were just two lonely people who found a connection with each other. Liam thought Ridge had found something in Katie he never had in Brooke, and that was honesty and integrity. Liam suspected that might be what Ridge wanted now.

Ridge was surprised by Brooke's reaction to his proposal. He said he should have planned something more grand. He should have whisked her away somewhere. Brooke said she didn't need to be spirited away. She said all she needed was him. She wanted the life they would have had if he didn't leave her. Brooke doesn't want that to happen again. She wanted to know if they were going to be together forever. She said she could only accept the proposal if they were together forever. Ridge grew silent.

Bill thought Quinn's concept of Katie being perfect for Ridge was ridiculous. Quinn wondered if he'd rather see Brooke with Ridge. Bill assumed Quinn had somewhere to be, but she said she was free if he wanted to confide in her. He said he didn't confide, and if he did, hers would be the last ear he'd bend. Quinn said Bill really knew how to sweet talk a girl.

Liam continued coaching Katie to realize it was alright for her to be with Ridge. Katie continually said that she didn't want to go there. Liam told her that he was sure Ridge had seen something special in her. He was wearing Katie down. Liam challenged Katie to come up with one thing she had in common with Ridge that he didn't have with Brooke. Katie said it was poetry, and one poem in particular. She said she had known Ridge for most of her life, but felt like she was just discovering things about him.

Katie started to drift off in her memories of Ridge, but then insisted Brooke was the one for Ridge. She told Liam she wanted Ridge and Brooke to be together, and she wanted them to be happy. She insisted they would find that happiness as soon as they got married.

Brooke told Ridge she had to be sure he wasn't going to walk away when things got rough. Ridge promised when he said his vows they would be for real. He was sure they could put their family back together again. He wanted her to be his bride. Brooke said she had always been his bride in her heart. She said that sounded like a yes and agreed to marry him.

Bill wondered why Quinn was so concerned about his personal life. She thought the all powerful Bill Spencer had lost some of his power. He had lost his company, his son and Katie had kicked him to the curb. She said he was batting zero for three right now. Bill said he believed a challenge didn't define a person. Their response however, did.

Quinn wondered how he intended to get out of this mess. Bill said he had pans for Brooke--especially with Valentine's Day approaching. Quinn thought those plans better be grand given the competition. Bill said Ridge wasn't competition. He was a nuisance like a little fly buzzing around. Quinn suspected Bill intended to swat that fly. Bill insisted Ridge was Brooke's past and he was her future. Quinn wondered about Katie. Bill told her Katie would find another man who was worthy of her eventually. Quinn thought Ridge would be that man. Bill countered it would be anyone but Ridge.

Back in her office, Katie's thoughts were on Ridge. She couldn't get images of him out of her head. She heard him reciting poetry and relived that day they spent together in the park.

Ridge wanted to drive up to Ojai to tell R.J. his parents were getting married. Brooke thought it would be a good idea to wait and tell him after they got married. Brooke always seems hesitant about having R.J. around.

On today's episode, Wyatt wonders if Hope really wants to debate with one of his parents is crazier. Bill chats about how Ridge has no right to talk about how Brooke spent her time during his absence or who she spent it with. Liam tells Katie nothing feels worse than missing a chance and regretting it for the rest of your life. Bill tells one of his sons that there is no way Ridge could compete with what he's got planned.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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