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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Brooke claims Katie won't satisfy Ridge

Can Brooke prevent her sister from being with Ridge?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Hope and Liam shared the steam room and she was desperate to make sure they were on time for their meeting. Hope finally managed to pull Wyatt out of there to go take care of some business.

Brooke refused to believe what Katie was telling her. Brooke told Ridge that Katie had some sort of delusional idea that she was going to be with Ridge. Brooke ordered Ridge to tell Katie that he was going to be with her. She screamed at him to tell Katie that he was reuniting his family. Ridge told Brooke that was his original intent, but said Katie was telling Brooke the truth.

Aly had seen Pam and Quinn chatting and she knew Pam had no use for Wyatt or his mother. She started to grill Pam trying to convince her to tell her what she knew about the Fullers. Aly told Pam she had seen how she looked at these two and she wanted to know what was up with them. Aly claimed all Wyatt and Quinn cared about was money and their own ambition. She insisted they shouldn't be around Forrester creations contaminating Hope. Pam reminded her that Hope loved Quinn's jewelry and Hope was in a relationship with Wyatt.

Aly told Pam Wyatt and Quinn were everywhere from Hope's personal business to her professional career. She promised Pam she wouldn't have to get involved. She asked her to give her the ammunition and said she'd run with it. Hope and Wyatt entered the room and suspected something was going on. Hope wanted to know what was going on.

Brooke asked if Aly was okay. She wondered if she had anything to talk about. Aly wondered what difference that would make. She said Wyatt wouldn't let her listen anyway. Eric and Quinn arrived and Quinn mentioned she wanted a cup of coffee. She naturally expected Pam to get it for her. That didn't fly however, and Quinn ended up getting a cup for Pam.

Rick and Caroline entered the meeting and Rick wondered if Wyatt ever stopped working. He couldn't believe he was holding another presentation. Quinn mentioned her son was always thinking and Eric stated that was exactly what Forrester Creations needed. Eric noted the company was positioned really well with this team. He said it was a pleasure to come to work every day. Rick wondered where Ridge and Brooke were and Eric said they had something personal to take care of. Hope looked rather tense.

Back at Katie's, Brooke pleaded with Ridge and her sister to tell her this was all a bad joke. She thought they were having a little fun at her expense. She suspected she deserved that and said they could all have a little laugh and move on. They told her it wasn't a joke. Brooke was sure Katie was doing this because of what happened between her and Bill. Katie insisted she wasn't vindictive that way. Brooke claimed Katie was doing the same thing she did with Bill. Ridge said it was nothing like that, but Brooke said he was breaking up their family and taking off with her sister.

Wyatt made his pitch for the Stephanie Forrester jewelry collection at the meeting. He said he wanted to take this collection on the road and have it branch out in new directions. Hope said she loved the idea because Stephanie was what this company was all about. She was the matriarch and she saw Wyatt's vision as a fitting tribute to Stephanie. Ally couldn't keep quiet any longer. She said she had to say that this was a terrible idea. Eric looked concerned, but Wyatt wasn't surprised.

Brooke told Katie and Ridge this wasn't going to happen because she wouldn't allow it. She called what they were doing Katie's ultimate revenge. Katie said she fought her feelings for as long as she could because she didn't want to do to Brooke what Brooke had done to her. She told her sister she didn't want to become her. Brooke told Ridge there was something wrong with the concept of a romance between him and Katie. She said it wasn't going to happen. Ridge told her she had to accept it. Brooke said she would never accept it.

Eric asked Aly what her concerns were. She said her grandmother's jewelry wasn't a side show. She said all Wyatt cared about creating a buzz and making money, but she believed it was undignified to put the pieces on display. Pam spoke up and said she had to agree. Aly stated Wyatt only cared about creating a name for himself. Wyatt insisted he was only interested in publicity when it helped the company. Aly said Forrester Creations was an established company with specific values to uphold. She didn't think Stephanie would have wanted this.

Wyatt insisted putting these pieces on display would speak to the legend that Forrester had become. Pam noted that Stephanie's jewelry collection could never be replaced and she had concerns about the safety of the pieces. She wondered if Wyatt could really protect it the way he insisted he could. She said they already had one attempted heist with the Hope for the Future Diamond, and she didn't want to see that happen again. Wyatt insisted he would do his best to protect the jewels. Pam pointed out he had done that with the diamond as well.

Aly insisted Wyatt was a bad influence around there. She said if he really cared about Hope, he would take his mother and go back to that warehouse of theirs and leave the Forrester's alone. Hope was horrified.

Brooke wondered how Ridge could possibly be in love with her sister. Ridge said he was concerned about her and Katie shared her pain with him. He said they got close and things just happened. He saw Katie in a whole new light. Brooke concluded she was losing Ridge to her sister.

Hope told Aly she got where she was coming from, but said she didn't like her attitude. She insisted Wyatt had brought more success to the Hope for the Future Line than they had ever had. She also said she was involved with Wyatt and he wasn't going anywhere. Aly told Hope she was part of the team and part of this family. She insisted she had a right to express her opinion.

Wyatt said he had stated his case and said it was ultimately Eric's decision. Hope said Eric owned this collection of Stephanie's jewelry and that they would honor his decision.

Brooke couldn't comprehend that Ridge was in love with her baby sister. She said she couldn't believe Ridge didn't love her. He said he would always love her and wouldn't want to give up one moment he had spent with her. He said he wasn't that man any longer however, and he didn't want to spend his life wildly addicted to someone and never know what was coming next.

Brooke wondered if he really thought Katie was the answer. She said all they had in common was their mutual disappointment in her. She begged Ridge not to do this. She didn't want him to give up his family just to get back at her. Brooke wanted to talk to her sister alone. Ridge said nothing was going to change.

Ridge left and Katie told her sister to say what she had to say. Brooke told Katie she would not let her get away with this.

On today's episode, Brooke tells her sister she is angry and simply acting out. Back in the Forrester board room, Hope states she thinks Wyatt's idea is brilliant and believes they should run with it. Eric tells Aly she has to respect their decisions and she has to respect Wyatt. Brooke tells a stunned Katie that Ridge will never be satisfied with her.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below. How do you think Bill will react to the latest developments in Brooke's life. Will he go for custody or simply get drunk and have psycho sex with Quinn again? Is Aly heading for trouble by messing with Quinn? Do drop a thought or two as to how this will all play out.

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