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'The Bold and the Beautiful:' Bill won't let Ridge get in his way

Can Bill get the girl?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Donna stopped by to see Katie who had been thinking about the hug she shared with Ridge the day he came to see her. Donna thought Katie sounded down on the phone and had visited to make sure she was okay. Katie reasoned that she should be over all the hurt by now, but Donna insisted there was right time to get over her family being torn apart.

Katie mentioned Brooke stopping by and said that she was sure Brooke was still in love with Bill. Donna said the fact that Ridge was back changed everything. She noted that Brooke and Ridge always found there way back to each other no matter what. Donna was sure that Brooke was done with Bill. Katie also mentioned that Brooke had wanted to give Bill back to her. She said she didn't even know if she wanted him. She complained about Bill and Brooke constantly throwing it in her face that she was the one who threw them together. She told Donna she was sick of both of them. Katie wasn't sure if Ridge would be able to go back to Brooke after what she had done, but she suddenly realized there were few men who could resist her sister's charms.

Ridge and Brooke were making out in her bedroom and Ridge's heart just didn't seem to be in it. They began to get caught up in the passion and Ridge suddenly said he couldn't do this. Brooke didn't quite get it. Ridge said that she had been in that bed with Bill. Brooke defended herself by reminding Ridge that he had left her on their honeymoon and stayed away for a year. She said she had been friends with Bill first, and then things turned physical. Ridge said that Bill had treated Katie horribly and Brooke agreed. She assured Ridge she was done with Bill.

Katie continued chatting with Donna and said she wanted to forgive Brooke and tell her they would get past this, but just when Katie got ready to do that, Brooke continually said stupid things that landed Katie back at square one. Donna continued to defend Brooke but Katie said Brooke was right where she wanted to be--between two men who wanted her. Katie didn't get why men lost it around Brooke.

Caroline and Bill hung out at Liam's waiting for Liam to arrive. They discussed the fact that Ridge was back in town. Bill said that Brooke is slightly confused over the whole thing, but Caroline noted he didn't seem worried about it. Bill said that Ridge was like a cigarette--a bad habit that Brooke needed to break.

Brooke told Ridge things were over between her and Bill, but he said it wasn't over for him and it wasn't over for Katie. Brooke stated it was complicated. Ridge asked what she meant by that.

Caroline talked to Bill about the legendary love Brooke and Ridge shared. Bill claimed that wasn't true. He said that every time Brooke stepped out of line, Ridge had a hissy fit and ran for the exits. Bill said that Brooke knew he wasn't going anywhere. Caroline said that she didn't think Ridge was going anywhere either. She said he was back at Forrester acting like he was CEO or president. Bill noted that's what happens when a person grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth. He noted that Ridge left town without saying one goodbye and stayed away for a year. He claimed Ridge simply expected things to be just as they were before he left.

Caroline told Bill she loved him. She said he was the closest thing to a father that she had. She hated to see him hurt. Bill said he wasn't afraid of hurt. He said Brooke thinks putting her family back together with Ridge and him putting his family back together with Katie would make everything all right. He then said too much had happened for that to work out.

Katie told Donna about Ridge coming by to see her on New Year's Eve. Donna wondered if he was furious at Brooke. Katie said Ridge was in shock. She felt like he was searching for reasons to give her the benefit of the doubt. Katie suspected that Ridge would find those reasons and end up taking Brooke back.

Brooke told Ridge that she and Bill had fought their attraction. Ridge didn't think she fought it hard enough. He said Bill had her body in that bed of hers and he wondered if he also had her heart. Brooke confessed that eventually she felt love for Bill. Ridge wondered how one person could fall in love so many times. Brooke said that wasn't fair. Ridge had left her. She said it was over with Bill and she didn't know why they were even talking about this.

Ridge said that he didn't get it and he wanted to know why things ended with Bill. Brooke told him how Bill conned Katie into thinking he was going back to her just to get extra visitation rights and his job back at Spencer. She said Bill had broken up with her before he allegedly went off to take Katie back. Ridge thought Bill was despicable. Brooke said she just couldn't love Bill after what he had done. She had many regrets and was working to repair her relationship with Katie. She told Ridge she and Bill were over and she begged him to focus on what they had and put their family back together.

Caroline wasn't sure that Bill could get what he wanted this time around. Bill didn't think Ridge would win the prize in this round. Caroline said going back to Katie might not be such a bad idea, but Bill wasn't about to do that. He remained confident that he could win Brooke back.

Katie told Donna it amazed her how Brooke could be a home wrecker and end up with two men fighting over her. She wondered how she managed to do that. Katie asked Donna if there was any man on the planet that was not vulnerable to Brooke.

Back in Brooke's bedroom, she and Ridge fell into a passionate kiss. Who knows where this will end up going.

On today's episode, according to this CBS video preview, Katie defends her decision to keep Will away from Brooke and Bill. She tells Donna that Brooke and Bill are bad news for Will and she has to protect her son. Bill tells Caroline his future is with Brooke and he's determined not to let anyone get in his way, including Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke Bill is a despicable human being and wonders why she would want Bill to be with her sister.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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