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'The Bold and the Beautful:' Katie accuses Brooke of wanting Ridge and Bill

Is Brooke really where she wants to be?
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On the last episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" on CBS, Hope and Wyatt remain in Hawaii. Interesting how the jobs don't matter, right? Hope was amazed when the flower bud Wyatt had opened up. Wyatt claimed it was the warmth of her hand. Hope said flowers close at night and open during the day. Wyatt stated that the flower must have caught Hope's light.

Back at Forrester Creations, Rick was holding a meeting to see what Forrester employees were working on. Ridge walked in and said it was excellent that everyone was there. Rick said they were taking a closer look at what's needed for spring. Ridge said he was glad that Rick realized they needed to make some changes around here. The look on Rick's face was hardly agreeable.

Brooke stopped by Katie's house when she discovered she was working from home. Katie said it looked like Brooke had news. Brooke said she did. She told Katie it was something she thought she would be excited about. She explained Ridge was back. Katie wondered why she would be excited about that. Brooke emphasized that Ridge was home for good. Katie said she knew and mentioned that Ridge looked good. Brooke wondered if Katie had run into Ridge. Katie revealed that Ridge had come to see her and mentioned they had a nice talk.

Back in the Forrester board room, Rick didn't think that Ridge was fully aware of what went on with the Hope for the Future line during his absence. Ridge told him he was wrong. He said he was privy to how well the line did. He felt however, there were consequences connected to that line. He mentioned Forrester's core customers, the older, traditional shoppers weren't purchasing from the company the way they used to. He said that the company couldn't afford to lose those customers. Ridge said Hope for the Future was changing the identity of the company.

Brooke told Katie that Ridge knew everything. As they talked, Katie wondered how Bill was. Brooke claimed she wasn't really seeing Bill. She did admit that he kept coming around and she kept telling him to leave. Katie suddenly stopped the conversation and told Brooke she could tell she wanted something from her. She told Brooke to just tell her what it was.

Back in Hawaii, Wyatt told Hope they could still go out. Hope said she knew that and Wyatt sensed she feared being recognized. Hope said she could handle that, but not for a few weeks. Wyatt's phone rang and Hope wondered why he wasn't answering it. She said it could be his mother looking for an update about them. Hope said that Quinn was the reason why they were there. Wyatt had a pained look on his face.

Wyatt told Hope his mother did have a vested interest in them because she wanted him to be happy. He said she also believed he could make Hope happy. Wyatt claimed that Hope knew Steffy. He wondered if she thought Steffy would hop a plane with a virtual stranger and go to L.A. because that was the stranger wanted. Hope said Steffy would never do that. Hope claimed everything Liam told her seemed true. She believed nothing was happening between Liam and Steffy, but she feared Steffy would always be a part of Liam's life. She thought her life was going in one direction and now it wasn't. Wyatt said he had a suggestion and kissed Hope.

Back in the Forrester board room, Ridge asked what Forrester was known for. The answer was couture. He said the Hope for the Future line signaled that Forrester had given up on their signature style. Rick said that style was going down the tubes long ago along with the company's bank accounts. He wondered if Ridge was suggesting Hope for the Future would be the demise of the company. Ridge said that wasn't what he was saying. Ridge said he and Rick should talk. Rick said they might as well since Ridge wouldn't allow him to continue the meeting he had planned for weeks. Rick accused Ridge of wanting to be the savior of the company.

Brooke continued her conversation with Katie saying she loved Ridge and wanted to put her family back together. She knew Katie didn't believe her promise to stay away from Bill. Katie said that was because Bill kept ringing her doorbell and Brooke continued letting him in. Katie said she finally figured out what Brooke wanted. She accused a shocked Brooke of wanting both men.

Brooke told Katie she didn't come here for this. She wondered if Katie was happy living in this huge house by herself trying to accomplish it all. Katie wondered if Brooke wanted her to go to bed with a man every night who would rather be sleeping with her. Will's chatter came over the baby monitor and Katie told Brooke she was going to check on her son. She told her sister to let herself out.

Ridge and Rick shared a moment alone and Rick wondered when Ridge was leaving for international. Ridge told Rick he had bad news. He wasn't going anywhere. He told Rick that Thorne had taken the international post. Rick wondered who authorized this and he quickly found out Eric did. Brooke called Ridge saying she needed to see him, but he said it would have to wait because he was in the middle of something.

Ridge wondered if he and Rick could manage working together. He said it had always been up and down for them. Rick made comments about Ridge's need to manage everything and then brought up what he put his mother through. Rick accused Ridge of leaving Brooke to drown. Ridge wondered why Rick didn't put a stop to the relationship between Brooke and Bill. Rick pointed out that Ridge had left. He said he had no right to judge Brooke for anything. He also told Ridge that Katie was not blameless in all of that.

Wyatt sung the praises of Hawaii to Hope saying L.A. was great, but here, they had the forces of nature at their fingertips. He told her they could analyze the situation between Steffy and Liam fifty different ways, or they could simply let it blow away. The two shared another kiss. Wyatt said he envisioned him and Hope making love under a palm tree. She told him she wanted to take this slowly. Elsewhere, Caroline offered to beat Ridge up for Rick.

Ridge arrived at Brooke's and called out to her. She was in her room with candles lit wearing a robe. She told him both Hope and R.J. were off and they had the whole house to themselves. She wondered if he remembered those times from their past. He did. Brooke stroked his face and welcomed her dear, beautiful husband home. The only thing wrong was that the dear, beautiful husband guy looked as though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

On the next episode according to this CBS video preview, Donna tells Katie that Bill and Brooke are done. She says Ridge is back and that changes everything. Bill tells someone Ridge is like a cigarette--a bad habit that Brooke needs to break. Brooke tells Ridge that R.J. wants his family back together more than anything. Katie tells Donna that Brooke is right where she wants to be--between two men who want her.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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