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'The Bold and the Beautful:' Aly attempts to wipe Wyatt out of the picture

Is Aly out of control?
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On yesterday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Hope told Wyatt it was more than okay that he had snuck on the Forrester jet to surprise her. Elsewhere, Eric was on a conference call with Thorne and Aly. Eric wondered how Aly was doing and she said everything was great and it would all be better once Hope arrived. She wondered if Liam was coming. Eric reminded her that Hope was with Wyatt now. Aly asked if Wyatt would be coming and Eric said as far as he knew, Wyatt wouldn't be there. Aly thought that was a good thing. Thorne wondered why she would say something like that.

Elsewere, psycho Quinn sauntered into Liam's place once again. Bill told her she had to stop doing this. She advised him not to be such a grump and stated they were like family. An adamant Bill told Quinn that they were not family. He said she was the mother of his son and that was it. Quinn mentioned the wild sex the two of them shared. Bill said it was the evils of alcohol. She said it happened and he couldn't take it back. Bill told her he knew that much, but he also knew he could make sure it never happened again. Quinn simply stood there all confident with a stupid, seductive smile on her face.

Pam had Eric signing some papers and mentioned he had just heard that Wyatt snuck on the Forrester jet to go to Paris. Eric said he was having Stephanie's jewelry appraised in Paris, but he didn't know he was doing it now. Pam was worried, but Eric told her that Wyatt had his complete approval. That was good enough for Pam. Eric said it was more than he could say for Aly. A stunned Pam said Aly had been doing so good lately. She wondered if Eric thought she was having problems again.

Speaking of Aly, she had a chat with Thorne at the office. Thorne seemed concerned about his daughter's take on Wyatt. Aly didn't hesitate to let her father know how she felt about the guy. She said Hope was so smart and knew all the right things to do. She said Hope was so smart except when it came to Wyatt. She said Wyatt was too smooth and too slick. She just didn't like him. She said he was bad for Hope and bad for Forrester. She loved being around Hope, but wyatt just made her different.

Hope sprung Wyatt on her mother and Brooke was delighted to see him. He said he just couldn't let Hope go to the city of love without him. Brooke told Hope and Wyatt they were so cute. She said they reminded her of her and Ridge when they were younger. They had seized every moment to spend time together when they were younger. She advised Wyatt and Hope not to lose what they had and said it was a huge help in a world full of distractions.

Bill and Quinn continued their conversation. Quinn said it was interesting that they had become lovers again. Bill said they were not lovers. They simply had sex--adult, consensual sex. Quinn ordered Bill not to accuse her of taking advantage of him because as far as she could tell, he was an active participant. A horried Bill reminded Quinn that he was in love with Brooke and what happened between them didn't change a thing. Quinn advised Bill to lick his wounds and take a look around. She said he might like what he sees. She said they could be the most bizarro couple together. She wanted to know if he wanted to help her release her inner beast.

Pam wondered what had Eric so concerned about Aly. He said Aly had no use for Wyatt. Pam brushed that off and noted a lot of people felt that way about Wyatt. Eric said it was more than that--it was the tone in her voice he heard this morning. Pam wondered if the other kids in the family knew about Aly's history. Eric said they didn't. He said it had been Thorne's choice to handle it that way. He said Aly didn't want anyone to know. Pam said she could relate due to her own struggles. She told Eric it had always been a challenge for her.

A concerned Thorne asked his daughter when she developed these negative feelings for Wyatt. He had been under the impression that Aly liked Wyatt. Aly said she did in the beginning, but once she got to know him, everything changed. Aly said Wyatt was just so arrogant and Hope should be with Liam. Thorne pointed out that Hope had been with Liam for a long time. He said maybe she just needed a break with Wyatt and his free spirit. Aly insisted that Wyatt and Hope were wrong for each other.

Aly talked about when Hope was in love with Wyatt living her dream and sending out her message to the world through the Hope for the Future line. She said she believed in Hope's message back then and that message had helped her get through everything that happened to her. She said now, that Hope was with Wyatt, everything had been ruined. She told her father she just wished that Wyatt would go away.

Bill told Quinn he didn't want to hurt her. He said he couldn't let her think they were at the beginning of something because they were not. Bill reminded Quinn he had been in a bad place when they got together. He said he had indulged in way too much alcohol. Quinn referred to herself as evil and stated she had taken advantage of Bill when he was totally defenseless. Bill said he never would have initiated this, but Quinn had been single minded. He hoped she wasn't going to come to him in a couple of months and tell him she was pregnant.

Quinn laughed at the pregnancy line. Quinn told Bill he really needed to get over himself. She said having a child was nowhere on her list of priorities. She said she would never want another child with Bill given the type of father he was the first time around.

Pam told Eric it was a good thing that Aly was with her father because he knew the signs of her anger and could head them off. Eric said he had seen this all before. One minute Aly could be sweet and confident and, in the next, she would become angry and even violent. Pam was stunned to hear about the violence. Eric explained there had been incidents in the past during her childhood and it only got worse with the bullying.

Hope and Brooke arrived in Paris. Brooke was in Thorne's office chatting with Thorne and Aly. Brooke told Thorne his father loved how he was running the company. Thorne said the staff made it easy and Aly said they all loved her father. She ran downstairs to find Hope. Brooke told Thorne Wyatt was downstairs with Hope and Thorne reacted. Brooke wondered what was wrong. Thorne said nothing was wrong yet, but he was concerned. He told Brooke Aly had a real hatred for Wyatt.

Quinn asked Bill if he ever thought of what it would have been like if they stayed together. Bill insisted he did not. Bill said that ship had sailed and Quinn thought she saw that ship docked in the harbor just a couple of hours ago. Bill said that was a mistake and it would never happen again. Quinn said she had blown her cover by letting Bill know as much as she hated him, she still desired him on some strange level. She assumed Bill didn't want what happened between them to get out. She told him not to worry because she wouldn't say anything. He said she wouldn't talk until he pissed her off. Quinn gave Bill her word their secret was safe with her.

Quinn left Bill and said she would see him, but she didn't mean she would run into him on the street. She knew that he was allegedly all about Brooke, but told him those Logan prom queen bimbos just didn't get him. She knew what he wanted, how he wanted it and when to give it to him. She told the guy he was ruthless and so was she. She said he liked it rough and she could throw the rough stuff back at him twice as hard. She claimed to be the only woman in the world that was perfect for him. Quinn told Bill she was sure he would come looking for her eventually.

Thorne vented about Aly to Brooke and told her Aly had been light and happy. He was concerned about the darkness he saw in her eyes today when she spoke about Wyatt. He said he had been worrying about her being all alone in L.A. Brooke mentioned that Aly had been through a lot after losing her mother at such an early age. Thorne was more than concerned about his daughter's anger issues.

Hope and Wyatt were in the board room and she begged to know what he had locked up in that suitcase. Wyatt revealed that he had Stephanie's collection of jewelry. He assured Hope that Eric had given him permission to bring the jewels to Paris to have them appraised. Wyatt said the Stephanie Forrester collection would be a perfect tie in for the Hope for the Future line. Hope admired how Wyatt was always thinking. Wyatt said he intended to pitch the idea to Thorne.

Hope and Wyatt began to kiss and Wyatt told her he was thinking again. Hope said she liked that and Aly suddenly burst into the board room and ordered Wyatt to take his hands off Hope,

On the next episode, Aly tells Wyatt she intended to put a stop to all of this. Thorne tells Brooke that his daughter is hurting and it's ripping her apart. Taylor tells Eric that if Aly is spiraling downward, Hope and Wyatt will have their hands full. Aly tells Wyatt he is officially fired from Forrester Creations and orders him not to go near Hope again.

Don't miss today's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and do drop a thought or two in the comments section below.

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