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The bolarti collection of hand-painted handbags hits the streets of Dallas

bolarti girls
bolarti girls
Sabra Girard Public Relations

Every girl knows that a new handbag makes her feel beautiful.  Now couture meets art with the new collection of handbags and clutches from local marketing, branding and business development entrepreneur, Wendi McGowan. Wendi combined her love for glam and art with her degree in economics from University of Texas at Austin to create bolarti - an Italian combination of the words BOLSA (woman’s handbag) and ARTE (art). After a brush with a palette knife at an art event and a few painting classes, this can-do Dallas gal saw the ability to turn a painted canvas into the never-without-it accessory for women.

“An interesting benefit of my handbags is their ‘hand.’ Most people have an intrinsic reaction to want to touch the paintings in a museum. By owning a bolarti bag, art is literally in your hand,” says Wendi.

This fall, choose from the ten clutches and ten handbags that mark the debut collection of bolarti, or indulge in a one-of-a-kind accessory crafted to your specifications for the most festive fête or no particular occasion at all.

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