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The Body Garden Book

10 Super Food Heros help a little girl learn how she can be a Super Kid with the help of their activated super powers. Most of you know a mother, grandmother, foster mother, or other mother that has a child that they have a hard time to get them to eat healthy by including vegetables. But what if they were not eating vegetables but putting super powers in their body to make them a super kid. Vanessa Bowman wants to change that.

The super foods have been transformed into Super food hero's due to their super powers. Each Super hero has a different number of super powers that do certain things in a body. The last 6 years, Vanessa had learned a lot about eating healthier with nutritional classes, research and mentoring from local nutritionists. Healthy does not mean skinny. She decided to write this book to share information on how children can be healthier and parents less stressed out. The book has a cute story for the kids, but on the back of each page is a parent information page with more details about the nutritional information of that super food. It also has some kid friendly recipes of the super foods in the book at the back of the book.

According to a story in US News and World Report: One of the challenges for parents is that, beginning in toddlerhood and extending into early childhood, kids generally show fear of trying new foods – some kids more than others. We know that one of the most powerful influences on children's acceptance is simply exposure. Give children repeated opportunities to experience foods. It's not just the number of times children experience foods, it's also whether those experiences are positive or negative. Positive feelings can be those you feel after eating, like feeling sated. Negative feelings can be, for example, if a child feels sick afterward.

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