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The Bluebonnet Margarita at Vivo


This drink, which finally hit the menus at Vivo Cocina last year, was inspired by the explosion of Bluebonnets you see everywhere in Austin during Spring. The Bluebonnet Margarita is now available at both Vivo locations (Manor Rd. and Lakecreek).

The drink gets its name from the two main ingredients--blueberries and scotch bonnet peppers. Throw in fresh lime and Gran Centenario's hibiscus-infused Rosangel tequila, and you're presented with a strangely complex cocktail. The smell alone is intoxicating, and you must get it with hawaiian black sea salt. Just sip away and imagine yourself lounging a field full of wildflowers and a fresh cool breeze--without the allergies, of course!

For more spring-themed cocktails, check out Vivo Cocina.


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