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The Blue Zones Project brings awareness to community health

While rushing to work and fighting the dreaded LA traffic, it is very convenient to drive thru fast food joints rather than waking up extra early to make a nutritious breakfast. Who actually eats breakfast at home anymore, if at all?! In today's world, it can be hard to make healthy choices; however, it should not be forgotten that the choices we make today can affect us for the rest of our lives. Before you cram another McMuffin in your mouth, consider eating at a restaurant that is recognized by the Blue Zones Project as a healthy eating establishment.

The main goal of the Blue Zones Project (BZP) is to encourage community members to make decisions that will benefit their emotional, physical and social well being. In order for a dining establishment to be a designated Blue Zones Restaurant, several measures must be taken to ensure that patrons are eating in a safe and healthy environment. Some requirements include offering several healthy meal choices, promoting smaller or "half size" portions of popular meals, and prohibiting smoking on restaurant premises. To learn more about the BZP implementation in local cities, and to view a list of nearby eateries that are recognized as BZP Restaurants, please visit the following link.

Restaurants are not the only businesses that are eligible to be designated by the Blue Zones Project; worksites, schools, and grocery stores can also be recognized. To read more about the BZP, see a full list of certification requirements, and learn about potential volunteer opportunities, please visit the official Blue Zones Project homepage.

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