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The Blue Collar Economist: Libertarian economics for the rest of us

Here's food for thought.

Robert A. McKeown writes man-on-the-street libertarian economics for the rest of us, and it all comes down to freedom vs. coercive government.
The Blue Collar Economist – used with permission

Even as libertarians chew out the general public for being economic ignoramuses, thereby swallowing Marxist ideology and Keynesian economics by the mouthful, it's equally true that many libertarians exhibit just as much ignoramusness about libertarian economics.

Mises, Hayek, Böhm-Bawerk, Rothbard, et al, can be hard to stomach for libertarians with small appetites.

To remedy this economic dietary intolerance Robert A. McKeown and Wood, his anonymous Guest Writer, offer us "The Blue Collar Economist," a non-academic, non-scholarly, non-intellectualized gourmet feast of articles about how real economics really work for real people in the real world.

It's libertarian economics for the rest of us.

But even at this table it's impossible to ingest any of the main page articles without encountering "government" or other such unnourishing coercively concocted combination plates of "tax," "Inflation," "central bank," "corporatism" (that unpalatable gruel of government and business, formerly known as "fascism"), "Federal Reserve," "the state," & etc.

There should be a simple menu where blue collar libertarians can distinguish between libertarian and non-libertarian economics, and there is.

Anything economics that is deviously complex, convoluted, byzantine and needlessly saturated with the economic equivalent of MSG can be identified as government economics since its purpose is to disguise the otherwise bitter taste of government lying, cheating, stealing, coercing, defrauding, corrupting and destroying while pretending to be our protectors and saviors.

This is the infamous dish known as "The Dismal Science."

Contrariwise, any economics based on the renowned Zero Aggression Principle Diet that purges the junk food of coercion, intimidation and fraud involuntarily forced down the throats of some by others is libertarian economics.

Libertarian economics is simply human interaction based on mutual voluntary exchange between individuals and/or voluntarily formed groups, resulting in a free market grocery list of labor, goods and services.

But since economics is involved in every aspect of human action this recipe applies to everything. For example, when education is enforced by coercive government rules, regulations, grants, and force-feedings of "No Child Left Behind" and "Common Core" it's clearly government economics.

When education consists of voluntary free schools, church schools, charitable schools, homeschools, un-schooling, distance learning and other nutritious choices that's libertarian economics at work.

This applies to all issues that libertarians and others find controversial, such as the sometimes hard to digest courses of land ownership, education, intellectual property, immigration, abortion and the meal with the most unhealthy additives, "the basic, proper function of lawful government" itself.

If libertarian economics isn't a dish based on the zero aggression principle it isn't libertarian economics, it's a mulligan stew of spoiled food and poisonous leftovers.

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