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The Blooming Boutique - Nashville Area Wedding Florist


Your choice of flowers when planning your upcoming wedding includes many factors. Of course, you will want to choose a beautiful bridal bouquet as well as bouquets for bridesmaids, corsages for mothers and boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen, fathers and even the officiator. Then there are the wedding ceremony flowers that will decorate your wedding chapel, church or wherever the wedding location as well as the flowers to decorate the reception area. When it comes to wedding flowers, you have to consider more than just a simple bouquet.

If you are looking to save money during your wedding planning it is an excellent idea to find a florist that can handle all of your floral needs. Having one florist for wedding bouquets and another for decorations and yet another for cake decorations can be overwhelming. Nashville offers many wonderful florists that can cater to all of your wedding flower needs. The Blooming Boutique is only one in a long list of florists, but one that definitely deserves a look.

The Blooming Boutique has been in operation in Nashville for over a decade. The business is locally and family owned and operated. They provide flowers for every single wedding need from bridal bouquets to floral cake decorations. You can contact The Blooming Boutique by visiting their website or calling them at (615) 383-4310. They are located at 4507 Charlotte Avenue in Nashville. They offer floral consultation services that will ensure that you choose the perfect flowers for your upcoming wedding day.
Choosing flowers for your upcoming wedding may seem difficult, but with help from the right florist, you can choose beautiful bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and decorations that will help you to make your wedding day beautiful. The Blooming Boutique offers these services to upcoming brides and grooms that cater to every budget.