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The Blood Boys are Taking the Punk Rock/ Rock 'N' Roll Music Industry by Storm

The Blood Boys
The Blood Boys
The Blood Boys

The Blood Boys

The Blood Boys
The Blood Boys

Are Taking the Punk Rock/ Rock' N' Roll/ Hardcore

Music Industry by Storm!

These rising stars from Nashville, TN, formed their Punk Rock/ Rock N Roll/ Hardcore band 2013 when, “Hero had a Hardcore Punk band that KD liked, KD had a Thrash Punk band the Hero liked. Joey played drums in Hero's Horror Punk band. Joseph patiently practiced Punk Rock riffs, until a blind date with Hero forged their true love.”

Then came the Rock n Rollin, and Skate Punk sounds and their ‘true love’ produced their first 'love child', Dirty And Common, their debut album, now available.

The band consists of Hero, the lead vocalist, KD, Bass player, and back-up vocalist, and he also runs their record label Stikman Records. Joey plays the drums, and we have Joe, the guitarist and back-up vocalist.

The members all have similar music influences and tastes, but some differences too, and that is what inspired them to become a band, as well as what inspires their music.

The Blood Boys make all of their own music. Typically, the guitarist Joe, writes the skeletons of the songs, structured of guitar riffs, and presents them to the band. If the other band members like what they hear, then Joey, the drummer, and KD, the bass player, learn the notes and fill in the guts with the rhythm. Then, Hero the lead vocalist, gives the song life by writing the vocal melodies and lyrics.

I recently had the pleasure of going to a show they had at Daisy Dukes in Nashville, and it was so much fun! They really know how to entertain and work the crowd. The crowd went nuts when they went on stage!

Besides being really nice guys, they have quite the sense of humor too, it seems. I found some ‘random facts’ on their facebook page.

  • Our guitar player used to be a male stripper. His working name was ‘Cowboy Joe’
  • Our guitar player eats Tacos five nights a week. He sometimes even puts breakfast cereal in his tacos. Breaking through culinary limitations!
  • Our vocalist Hero, wooed his wife into marriage with the line "Those aren't herpes, it's just ribbed for your pleasure" -Hero
  • Joey actually lost his virginity in a high school locker room. The entire Foot Ball team still refer to him as the tightest end they ever had.-Hero- Maximum Level 5 pimp warrior.
  • Our vocalist used to be a janitor at Flying J truck stop and was once attacked and held hostage by a legendary trucker named Rust Cole. He had to drink his own urine and eat Taco Bell sauce packs to stay alive.

Do you want to know if this stuff is really true? Are you an aspiring fan? Or, just want more information on The Blood Boys or an upcoming show? You can find them here:

Interested in booking The Blood Boys? You can do that here:


Press Contact

Contact Hero at

Booking Agent

Contact Hero at

Upcoming Shows:

May 22
Springwater Supper Club
Nashville, TN | 10:00PM
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May 24
The Wanted Saloon
Dickson, TN | 8:00PM
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Jun 5
The Magnolia Bar
Louisville, KY | 8:00PM
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Jun 6
Cairo Ale House
West Chicago, IL | 8:00PM
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Blood Boys

The Blood Boys lyrics:

I'm a blood boy born to lose. Raised on Black Flag and bad cartoons
All I wanna do is ride my skate. Fall flat down and break my face
Blood Boys we cry. Blood Boys never die
All or nothing in this life. We keep on playing as we race against time
Music is immortal it always stays. Nothing else matters it always fades
There's no hope in these eyes. That's why I don't even try
Now it's time for a change. Take action and make my way
Tomorrow I'll wake to a brand new day
Same old shit but somethings gonna change
Stand up strong and live my life. Do what I want and never f***ing die

from Dirty And Common, track released 15 February 2014

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