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The Blind Side

Theatrical Poster
Theatrical Poster

The Blind Side is a film that works on many levels, but one thing stands out most. Sandra Bullock is a heavy hitter in this football film, and holds her own in the acting department. The Blind Side would be like all the films before it if not for strong performances from Bullock, Tim McGraw and newcomer Quinton Aaron. The Blind Side is a sports film that reaches beyond the genre constraints to become a meaningful dramatic piece.

This film, based on a true story, revolves around Michael Oher (Aaron), a poor illiterate high school student who is taken in by Sean Tuohy (McGraw) and his wife Leigh Anne (Bullock). Their family proceeds to bond with Oher and turn his life around for the better. 

The Golden Globe winning performance from Bullock is well-deserved. She is bursting with flair and energy as Leigh Anne Tuohy, and gives the performance of her career. Every emotion she feels can be seen and interpreted, and it feels as if she's not Sandra Bullock at all, but has turned into Tuohy herself. The ensemble as a whole is fun and full of heart. 

Sometimes the right actors can make a good film great. That is exactly what happened in this case. Sandra Bullock and even Quinton Aaron have turned what would have been a formulaic sports movie into a triumph. 


  • Nicola Jefferis 5 years ago

    Loved this movie, your review, and you. Great job jordy. :)