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The Blessings of Today

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Every day of our lives is either a step forward or a step backwards. If you are not going forward, you are going backwards. Think about the earth. It never fails to turn regardless of what goes on in it. If it did not turn, everything and everyone in it would die. That's because the earth has life in it. Your body has life in it, and once that life leaves it, your body will not live anymore. The same goes for the earth. It turns because GOD put life in it in the forms of you and me.

Let's talk about our lives. Everyone's life is a series of events that come together to make a story. Each chapter of our lives is beneficial to the next chapter of our lives. Without the pain today, you wouldn't be able to appreciate the joy tomorrow. Nevertheless, we often get so caught up in our hardships that we fail to see the bigger picture. Because we don't see where we are headed, we pray against what we perceive as attacks, and we try to stop any movement in our lives that we don't like. Again, we are like the earth. We give life to whatever we accept into our lives, and we take life away from whatever we write off as pointless in our lives. The same goes for what we believe and how we think. Whatever we believe is made alive in our existence, and it becomes a part of who we are. Whatever we do not believe is lifeless and powerless against us. That's why GOD told us to guard our hearts. Our hearts isn't the big red muscle in our chest that distributes blood throughout our bodies; our true hearts are our belief systems; the very belief system which distributes thoughts throughout our lives. What we believe is the force that opens doors for us or slams them right in our faces.

When we pray, we often ask the LORD to bless us, and HE does, but blessings don't always come dressed the way we want them. When we think of a blessing, we think of something coming to us to fill us with joy; nevertheless, sometimes a blessing isn't what man would consider to be pleasant. Sometimes a blessing is you and me being delivered from a mindset that is unlike GOD, and this hurts. Sometimes a blessing is you and me being delivered from the lies we believed; the lies we had given life to in our lives. When we are full of lies and we've learned to live with those lies, the truth isn't always welcomed because accepting the truth means we have to reject what we believed and start over with a new belief. At the same time, what we often perceive as an attack, isn't always an attack. Sometimes, it's a blessing without its makeup. Many people call it a blessing in disguise, but the truth is, it's not in disguise; it's coming in raw form and we were taught to believe that a blessing should look a certain way.

Yesterday is a part of your today, and today is a part of your tomorrow. Imagine yesterday as being your left leg, and today as being your right leg. In order to enter tomorrow, you must put today in front of yesterday; you must put yesterday behind you, and you must keep moving forward. If you don't, you'll stop moving and the blessings in your life will begin to pass away. If you stop moving forward, you are telling everything in your life that you are no longer alive. These things were living in and through you, and they can only survive when you move forward. After all, the earth does not reverse its turn. It continues to move on its axle, and life continues to abound in it. Despite the wars, the earth still turns. Despite the poverty, the earth still turns. Despite all of the greed, bloodshed, idolatry, witchcraft and wickedness that occurs in it, the earth still turns. What about you? What has happened in your life that was so traumatic that you decided to stop giving life to the blessings around you and focus on that event? Who has hurt you so bad that you have started breathing life into unforgiveness? Unforgiveness is a serpent, and it would choke the life out of you if you let it live in you. The blessings will continue to abound in you if you will only keep living, keep moving forward and keep blessing the Name of the LORD.

Today is what you make of it. For some people, it's a bad day. For others, it's a great day. We make that determination ourselves, based on what we believe and what we allow in our lives. Today is a great opportunity to start dressing up your tomorrow and every day after that. It's not a time to reflect on who did what to who and why; today is a time to regard what GOD has done for you everyday of your life. After all, yesterday should be nothing but a testifier in your life that proclaims that GOD brought you through into the light of today, but when the darkness falls, you still have tomorrow to look forward to.

Learn to appreciate your today, even if it doesn't look like a blessing to you. Any day lived is a blessing, and it's another opportunity to be a blessing to others. Always remember, you are not living for you; you are living for your neighbor. Your neighbor is any and everyone you will come in contact with in your life. You are to be a light to them so that they will glorify your FATHER which art in Heaven. In obeying GOD and submitting your life as a sacrifice to HIM, you become blessed because you have chosen to be a vessel that carried blessings to others. Selfish people aren't vessels of blessings; they are stranded vessels of death waiting for their lives to become so full of themselves that they sink into their wrongful thinking and drown in the problems of life. Selfless people are constantly enlarged because they are vessels of blessings that are always on the move. Because they are always on the move, the blessings that GOD gives them to distribute to others will survive the journeys to arrive at the people who need them the most. When GOD sees that you can be trusted to be a blessing, HE will then enlarge you, favor you and use you all the more. “His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things: enter into the joy of your lord” (Matthew 25:23).

Remember, today is not a reflection of yesterday unless you make it. Today is an opportunity....period. But what it is an opportunity for depends entirely up to you.



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