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The blarney about Putin's body language

What to say on a Sunday morning...

Rand Paul has won the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) straw poll for President. That's two years in a row. He would be a good choice for the GOP in 2016, if for no other than he doesn't seem to carry the baggage his father did. What this county needs is not a full blooded libertarian but a libertarian conservative. Senator Paul might just fit that bill.

Around 70 people were arrested at the University of Massachusetts yesterday. It was the result of the 'Blarney Blowup' a pre-St. Patrick's day event at UMass. There's apparently nothing like sort of honoring a saint by getting drunk and rioting.

It appears that the Pentagon is studying Russian leader Vladimir Putin's body language in an attempt to determine what he'll do next. Some experts say that his actions, such as a karate chop when speaking, are aggressive. So we're to believe that his aggression in the Crimea wasn't evidence enough?

In Detroit, the proposed M-1 rail line is supposedly a go for a spring groundbreaking. The thee mile route will be funded partially by naming rights (as many sports stadiums sell), and there are hopes that it will all lead to a broader regional public transport system and...we don't care. We're conservatives. We believe people ought to be able, by and large, to go where they want when they want. A fancy new light rail system doesn't change that. Especially one funded by tax or bond monies. Has anyone noticed how, ahem, useful, the People Mover has been?

And so ends our potshots on this fine Sunday morning. You're welcome.

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