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The Blame Game: O'Reilly's Pre-Big Game Interview

Yesterday’s big show programming featured a short interview of Obama conducted by Bill O’Reilly. The stakes were high but nothing productive came out of it since O’Reilly kept going over ‘trick’ questions based on conspiracy theories to which President Obama quickly pointed out as being promoted by him and the FOX News Network. President Obama quickly called out both O’Reilly and Fox News as pushing an agenda of lies and conspiracies towards the American populace.

O’Reilly kept constantly interrupting the President in a failed attempt to get him to say something contradictive but the President simply didn’t bite. O’Reilly then asked about past statements about fundamentally transforming America to which the president replied, “I don’t think we need to fundamentally transform the nation,” meaning that it wasn’t something to be taken literally. O’Reilly’s biased interview only demonstrated FOX News’ constant targeting of the President and his administration by going over old and irrelevant details of past events.

It was all a waste of programming simply because O’Reilly could have asked better questions based on relatively new and important issues. Do you guys think O’Reilly’s interview could have slightly better if he asked relevant questions instead of focusing on ‘blame game’ tactics?

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