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The Blackphone: The Privacy-first, Android device

As more NSA reports arise, and the world begins to mimic a George Orwell novel, privacy within our connectivity has come to the forefront of mobile devices. Consumers are becoming more aware of how little control they have over who has access to delicate information. Answering the call for privacy is The Blackphone, developed by Silent Circle. The Android device that puts privacy over anything else.

The Blackphone

The Blackphone first got attention with the “NSA-Proof” moniker, that has since been scale back, but what they do offer is a device that allows for users to have more control over what third-party apps can access through SecureOS. They’ll have the ability to see exactly what info apps want access to, as well as disable their connectivity including wi-fi and data. There is no need for private user information to start the device, as is common with most Android devices. Instead, The Blackphone immediately prompts the user to create a PIN. Every bit of information entered into the device is encrypted, including access to 5GB of cloud storage through SpiderOak.

Technically speaking, The Blackphone is nothing to marvel over. Showcasing an almost industry standard 4.7 inch HD screen, 8-megapixel camera, 16GB of on board storage and 2GHz dual-core processor, this isn’t going to compete on the hardware front with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Apple iPhone 5S. The software is what will sell units for Silent Circle’s mobile device, and with a non-contract price of $629(not available through carriers), potential buyers better be sure it’s what they’re looking for. Although, the software suite alone cost $840 for a two-year subscription.

The Blackphone won’t be available until sometime this summer (June-July), so consumers will have plenty of time to mull over the details before release. For the privacy conscious user, this may be just what they’re looking for.

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