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The Blackphone, a phone made for security, will be available in July

If you’re worried about the level of security offered by your phone (we really all should be a little concerned) a new phone has been created just for you. Shipping this week to those who pre-ordered it, The Blackphone will shortly be available to the masses, for $629.

The phone was created by Silent Circle and Geeksphone in response to the information about security revealed by Edward Snowden. The pitch for the phone, revealed back in February at the Mobile World Congress, is that security and privacy come ahead of everything else.

The phone runs on its own operating system, called PrivatOS, though it is really an Android KitKat OS. But it is intended to leave third-parties without any private, personal info to take away. The phone is built to encrypt voice calls, video calling and text messaging. It will prevent Wi-Fi hotspots from being able to use personal information, and users have the ability to anonymize web browsing. A smart VPN also stops eavesdropping from happening via Wifi or over the cellular network.

ARS Technica previewed the device and stated that it does do what is intended in terms of privacy. They were using an early version of the operating system, so they can’t comment too surely how consumer-friendly the phone will be to use, and that it’s rough around the edges. Since pre-orders have just shipped, we’re hoping things get a little easier to use. However, if your data is safe and that’s really what you’re wanting from this phone, you’re getting what’s promised, even if a few things aren’t simple.

Orders can be made through SGP Technologies, the official company name for the joining of Silent Circle and Geeksphone, beginning July 14.

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