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'The Blacklist' spoilers: Marital conflict, death predictions, kidnapping plots

The Blacklist” is heating it up with the newest sneak peek looks at Monday night's episode, “The Pavlovich Brothers.” The show deals with serious marital problems for Liz (Megan Boone) and Tom (Ryan Eggold). Plans for upcoming hits on high-profile people are revealed. This is a spoiler for the upcoming “The Blacklist” episodes, viewers who wish to remain in the dark about the future details should turn away now. According to Spoilers Guide on Friday, Liz's acquired information will be used against Tom in future episodes as she turns all Tom's secret life information over to the FBI.

Tomorrow night we will see Liz going after information and confronting Tom about what she knows in “The Pavlovich Brothers.” According to IB Times on Thursday, the season finale predictions see an imminent death of an important character and all we know is that it isn't Agent Ressler.

It is pretty clear that it won't be Liz either since the information she gets from Tom will be turned over in the Season Finale – or does it mean she will become a target? After all, Tom's real identity will become the focus and the biggest conspiracy will be revealed. The fact that Tom was planted in Liz's life will support predictions that Tom could be the target and the victim in the season finale. Could things be any more suspenseful?

In tomorrow's episode of "The Pavlovich Brothers” we will see their ability to capture and kidnap high value targets. Red has become aware that the bothers are planning their next hit. While the team tries to protect the next target, Red (James Spader) has a job in mind for the Pavlovich Brothers.

In the preview video we see the marital conflicts build as Liz tried to uncover the true identity of her husband Tom. The fight scene in this episode may be worth tuning in for, as it is a realistic portrayal of what can happen when the secrets and intrigues become intense.

What will happen next is anyone's guess and the season finale is just around the corner, making the tension higher than ever. Those using Twitter and Facebook to share information about Liz and Tom can use #MrandMrsKeen for tracking online conversations about this episode.

Catch up with what is happening on "The Blacklist" by watching this season's full episodes on NBC. The show airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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