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'The Blacklist' spoilers: Berlin is revealed in episode 1x21

James Spader plays Raymond Reddington on 'The Blacklist'
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

A big episode of "The Blacklist" airs on Monday and fans are counting the minutes until it begins. This is the week where viewers will finally learn key information about Raymond Redington, Tom and how it all links together. On Monday, the show's Facebook page shared a new "The Blacklist" spoiler tease that will heighten everybody's anticipation.

The May 5 episode is titled "Berlin," and it will carry over into the season 1 finale airing on May 12. "The Blacklist" Facebook page to says that the crosshairs will now be turned on Red, and the big preview for the episode shows that Liz realizes everything is connected. Berlin has been at the center of the drama all season and viewers will finally see what Berlin references. In fact, it seems that it is a man, rather than an entity or a place.

TV Guide talked with "The Blacklist" creator Jon Bokenkamp about what lies ahead in these final two episodes of the season. While viewers will get a lot of answers they have been seeking, there will of course be more questions brought forth as well. Bokenkamp teases that there are "some pretty compelling and satisfying answers" ahead but there will surely be shockers and cliffhangers as well.

Both Liz and the viewers of "The Blacklist" will discover that there is a larger pattern to Reddington's list than they may have realized, but what is it and how does Berlin tie in to it all? Until now, Liz has kept a lot of information from her team at the FBI regarding Tom. However, it appears that this will change to a degree in Monday night's episode.

Now that Liz knows that Red killed her adoptive father, she has sworn off working with him. However, given that everything is tied together and she is at the center of much of it, it seems unlikely she will be will to stick with that. According to E! Online, the life of someone major on the show will be in danger, and there have been hints that there may be another difficult goodbye as someone else dies.

How will it all end this season? Fans will surely be left hanging on by a thread as the final two episodes of "The Blacklist" season 1 airs. Tune in to NBC on Monday, May 5 to see the path that is laid out to this season's final moments.

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