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‘The Blacklist’ season finale spoilers: Can Red stop Lizzie’s death? Who dies?

James Spader
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The fans of “The Blacklist” know that the characters of the show are at risk of being killed on the season finale of the popular NBC show. As fans have been the big buildup to the season finale, it all comes down to a list and the decision of who will live and who will die. This is a “The Blacklist” spoiler and fans who don’t want to know details about the season finale called “Berlin: Conclusion” should stop reading. According to She Knows on Sunday the greatest enemy has arrived and Tom faces off with Red in the season finale.

In the sneak peek, the viewers get to see a gun to Lizzie Keen’s head with the only man trying to save her is Red. Apparently, there are already fatalities on the team and the list of potential victims covers everyone who has worked on the cases. Who has made them moving targets? Berlin seems to be calling the shots and it appears that Red is needing to stop the killing before all of the team is dead.

Making things more complicated, the crashing of the mysterious prisoner transport plane and the city is on lock down as the authorities are on the hunt for all the escapees. The idea that the two incidents are related have fans questioning the motives of Berlin and trying to decipher what side Red is really on. The site Enstarz is reporting that Red is really trying to save Lizzie, but he can’t save everyone and he knows the body count might be substantial.

Will Red and Liz finally explain how they have a common enemy on “The Blacklist”? And what will happen to them when Tom comes back to finish his business with the two individuals who he feels has made his life difficult? The fans should get all the answers on Monday night during the second part of “The Blacklist”season finale.

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