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‘The Blacklist’ fans wondering if Red is Lizzie’s father after season finale

Megan Boone
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Fans of “The Blacklist” were on the edge of their seats on Monday night as the show revealed some serious action on the season finale. What many viewers didn't see coming (until it was too late) offered up serious discussions on social media. There was one issue teased about Lizzie and fans want to know the truth. According to the New York Post on Monday, the fans have one big question after watching the season finale: Is Red Lizzie’s father?

Red Reddington (played by James Spader) denies being the father of Agent Elizabeth “Lizzie” Keen (played by Megan Boone.) In fact he goes so far to suggest her father was killed in a house fire, but "The Blacklist" character is unconvincing. Known for his deceitful ways, the viewers are having a hard time believing him (and anything that might come out of his mouth.) Which leaves the elusive character “Berlin” who got away in the show. The man could be her father as well, but he was never asked (and he probably would have lied too.)

The death in the show was also a surprise for the fans. While Red did what he could to save Agent Keen but there was an agent who wasn't so lucky. CIA agent Meera Malik has her throat slit and character was a sad loss for the show. One character that was really lucky was FBI head Harold Cooper who looked like a goner when he was facing death.

With season one wrapped up fairly nicely, the story offers an interesting question on Agent Keen’s family and how it relates to Red Reddington. It’s the question that most viewers will be thinking about all summer until “The Blacklist” returns to NBC for a new season in the fall. For now viewers are left wondering if they missed any clues in previous episodes that would help them figure out the answer so they don’t have to wait so long.

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