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'The Blacklist' associates Ted Cruz, Allen West with fictional criminal

Sen Ted Cruz
Sen Ted Cruz
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas has had a cameo on the TV series “The Blacklist”—sort of, according to a February 25, 2014 story in Wired. It seems that the junior senator from Texas, along with former Congressman Allen West, was photoshopped having dinner with the villain featured in the episode, a jewel thief and con artist. It is heavily implied that the two pols are being used by the character to undermine national security in some way.

Fans of Senator Cruz are, understandably, not pleased by having the tea party favorite associated with a criminal, albeit a fictional one on TV.

The suspicion is that NBC, the network that “The Blacklist” runs on, is taking a not so subtle jab against Cruz and former Rep, West. It is a trick well known to newspaper editors of using visuals to associate public figures they don’t like to known criminals by running them next to each other. This may be the first time the technique has been used in an episodic TV show mixing real public figures with a fictional villain.

“The Blacklist” is a crime thriller starring James Spader as a master criminal who releases names of other, worst criminals to the FBI in order to take them down