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The Black Moses

Some African Americans have sworn that Jesus was black, some have sighted the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) as verification of the black blood connection. But it is all titillation,for those who want their ears tickled.

The new Harriet Tubman(s) Wanda Austin President and CEO Aerospace Corp.
Joyce Banda, First Woman President of Malawi, Africa.

But there is a black Moses, and this becomes a note of consideration in this month of March, International Womens’ month. First Lady Michele Obama, praised women from all over the world who have joined the struggle fighting poverty, hunger and disease, let alone injustice from men.

The original Moses of the Bible, fought against those same plagues perpetrated by the Egyptian Pharaohs. The exception was he had “a glimpse of God’s glory”, and came down from the mountain with two tablets as evidence.

We in Maryland cling to the coattails of Harriet Tubman, for she was born in Dorchester County. From a slave, she fought her masters, before escaping north to Philadelphia. Her dream was to free as many slaves as she could, thus the underground railroad, her “tablets”. She even took some slaves to Ontario Canada, until slavery was abolished in 1834.

Harriett came to be called “Moses” and died at age 93, in 1913. A Celebration of a Soldier, was staged in Washington D.C. By poet Sister Joy Matthews Alford and companies endorsing the Black Moses.(See Video)

Harriett “Moses” Tubman is like a Pope, with shoes too big or too small to fill.

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