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The Black Keys drop titular single for upcoming 'Turn Blue' album

Album cover for The Black Keys' "Turn Blue" 2014 album
Album cover for The Black Keys' "Turn Blue" 2014 album

The wait is over for Black Keys fan as the band officially premieres the title single for its new 2014 album, "Turn Blue". The album is set to hit record stores and online shops on May 13.

"Turn Blue" will be the group's eighth studio album to date. It will mark twelve years of making records since their debut album, "The Big Come Up", came out in 2002. The band has been teasing listeners about this upcoming album for over a month now, but have only recently been releasing singles online.

Based on the singles that have been released so far, "Turn Blue" should be expected to be a stylish deviation from their established sound that fans have become accustomed to. Both "Turn Blue" and "Fever", which was released three weeks ago, have a much more mellow, psychedelic sound compared to previous releases. It may disappoint fans who were looking forward to more of The Black Keys' high-strung funky guitar work from their "El Camino" years.

Whether or not "Turn Blue" succeeds will probably not hurt the band's reputation all that much. The alternate blues/rock duo The Black Keys have enjoyed success since the beginning, but have only experienced a true commercial arrival with their 2010 album "Brothers". For that album, from which the song "Tighten Up" became their standout track, the album eventually won multiple Grammys, including one for the above mentioned song, further cementing the group's mainstream presence.

You can listen to the "Turn Blue" single at the band's YouTube page, which can be found here. The "Turn Blue" album is available for pre-order at both Amazon and iTunes. According to the group's YouTube channel, pre-ordering the album will instantly grant buyers access to downloads of the first two released singles.

Hat tip to Live Nation STL for the link to the new Black Keys track.