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The Black Door is closed - again

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After 18 months, The Black Door has been shuttered.

The last day was New Year's Eve.

Ignacio Ruiz reopened the once-popular restaurant and live music venue in mid-2011.

Before The Black Door, Ruiz owned River Run in Plainfield before it went out of business. Where it was located is now the newly expanded Positive Pie.

While getting ready to open The Black Door in 2011, Ruiz said that River Run didn't work because he misread the market in Plainfield.

Ruiz is from Spain. When he took over the Plainfield restaurant he switched the menu from southern barbeque to Spanish tapas.

When opening The Black Door, Ruiz said that he felt like Montpelier would be a better fit for his style of cooking of Spanish small dishes.

There's no word yet as to why The Black Door closed.

A recorded message simply says that the restaurant is no longer open and the former manager thanks patrons for supporting the restaurant for the last year and a half.

In 2011, Langdon Street Cafe closed, and now The Black Door is once again vacant, that leaves just two live music venues in a town that once had four.

In addition to Charlie-O's and Positive Pie, Bagitos and Skinny Pancake do offer small-venue live music.

According to the city's property records, the two floors of restaraunt space is just over 3,000 square feet.

Based on 2010 "market rent" rates resulting from the 2010 reappraisal, the city is figuring rent at $19.70 per square foot. That comes out to about $5,100 a month to rent this space. That includes a full kitchen, dining room, bar and outside deck on the second floor of the building and a bar, dining area and music venue on the third floor.

Montpelier Property Management owns the building. There's no word yet from Jesse Jacobs or Jeff Jacobs as to what they intend to do with the property.




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