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The "Black Church": Scripturally incorrect - "The Church" has no color.


  • Mike 6 years ago

    The Lord has blesses me and brought me to a church that has many different races and cultures. Honestly, it's nice not to be in an all white (yes, I'm considered "white") church because it broadens my horizens with new learning, understanding and loving of others. We even have a Nigerian family a Phillipine family along with a variety of Hispanics, Easten Europeans, Greeks, whites, blacks and a Jew that now plays in our praise team band. When we have studies, it's great to hear the stories from these people, especially the older folks who lived in socialist and comminist countries and the difficulties they faced and how it applies to scripture.
    What I'm amazed with is how musically gifted our eastern european members are because learning how to play these instruments is a real priority to them and now they're in our church performimg, "Praise the Lord"!

  • B. Reeves 6 years ago

    Good stuff Mike! I've been dealing with that for about a year and a half now!I have a vision of one church that any believer will feel welcome and even at home in. Praise beyond style, Love beyond differences, unity beyond divides!I mean that is what it will be in heaven anyway!

  • Cierra H. 6 years ago

    Wow! Great article Mike!

  • D. M. Aytes 6 years ago

    The term "Black Church" was given by whites who shut blacks out of places of worship so they founded their own. Even today if you walk into a 'white' church I can bet you will be unwelcome or treated 'tepid' at best. It will be implied in no uncertain terms that you should go to 'your own' church. I suggest you study church history, "slave religion" by albert j. rabouteau and empowerment ethics by Cheryl L. Sanders. Your comments sound good on paper but unrealistic.

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