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The birth, death and rebirth of small American towns: A journey of rediscovery

Most of us Americans, who were born and raised in or near small towns, have a collective remembrance of the town, its people and how the town changed throughout the person's life. This writer is one of those people - one who moved away and chose a different place to work and live, due to job opportunities. However, the memories of the town where I grew up are still vividly remembered daily, and even make their way into my sleeping mind, with dreams of childhood, family, friends, church and school. There are good memories and bad memories, but the good outweigh the bad.

Because of the decline of many of our beloved towns, this writer hopes to bring public attention to what these towns can offer for business development, tourism and security. There are many things these places have that are hidden from others because of their remote locations, or other demographic factors.

To be able to write these articles that showcase the birth, decline and hopeful rebirth of these small towns, I need your help - yes, you the readers! If you have a small town that you would like me to write an article about, please send me your information, and links to locations where I can get specific information about the history of the town and its people. I also need old photos and new ones that show how the town has changed. I will need to know who took the photos if possible, so I can give them credit. I can also use short videos.

The first article in this series will be a recap, and closer look at an article that I wrote about my hometown, Houlka, Mississippi, over a year ago, titled, (Houlka, Miss.: 'Center of the Universe'). The new article will give you each an idea of the types of information that I need. This article will also contain information from the town leaders and the townspeople on ideas and actual projects that will help revive this town.

If we don't become proactive in our promotions of our small towns, we might end up like the people in Wallsburg, Utah, who forgot to hold town elections in 2013. Watch the video about Wallburg in this article.

You may contact me at the following email address if you have a town you would like me to write an article about. Also, you may subscribe to these free articles in the Examiner, by clicking on the subscribe link under my name, or you can go to Small Town Travel if you don't wish to subscribe. I am looking forward to your messages, and until next time, "We will let the world turn onto our next destination."

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