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The Birds and the ..... Cats?

Human impact, the true culprit to declining bird population
Alley cats allies

Feral cat protection organizations' research and publish facts and statistics concerning birds and cats. Our treasured community cats are on the receiving end of endless accusations and inaccuracies. Human threats like habitat destruction, wind turbines, and pesticide use are only some of the human pressures on bird populations. This increases as we continue shifting the blame to cats instead of tackling the real cause and effect.

Community cats are dying needlessly and in vain. Condemning cats is a distraction from the real threats, poisons, greed, our impractical and possessive nature. Communities across the country collecting and killing neighborhood cats by the tens of thousands and have been for centuries. If the bird population is still declining despite the daily execution of cats than it doesn't stand to reason that cats are to blame.

It’s not cats vs. birds. It’s birds vs. humans and cats vs. shelters. Blaming cats won’t save the birds. If we want to change the statistics, we have to change our actions. Studies agree that human activities -- climate change, habitat destruction and pollution -- are the real culprits when some bird populations decline. That's why killing cats will never save birds. Alley Cat Allies

America’s rapid population growth—and faster use of resources—has already had an astounding impact on wildlife habitats. Dozens of ecosystem have already greatly declined as a direct result of people. Most species who call these ecosystems their home are not adaptable to the human landscape. Approximately 100,000 birds die each year from collisions with windows and cars.

Climate change is the most imminent threat to bird populations and many other species. Global warming is said to be responsible for 80,000 acres, the equivalent of 7 football fields, of coastal wetlands disappearing in recent years.

Is anyone screaming for an end to the wind turbines? Nope. Wind turbines alone account for over 440,000 bird deaths a year. If the issue here is "save the birds" then why aren't the same people that blame cats protesting everything that is killing birds? Could it be that this isn't about birds, never was? They can't very well just come out and say "kill cats because I don't like them." They have to invent a plausible reason to justify the senseless slaughter.

Habitat destruction is responsible for at least 93% of declining bird populations. Do they check the trees for baby and fledglings before they start the destruction? They don't. Nobody throws a fit when birds living in the trees, being destroyed on the name of progress, are killed and homeless. It is simply easier to blame cats than tackle the real problem.

Pesticides kill an estimated 70 million birds each and every year. They are killing us and our children as well. There are claims that there is a link between the dramatic increase in birth defects and the poisons in our environment.

Cats and people evolved together. Cats have lived outdoors as part of the natural landscape for more than 10,000 years. Many people misguidedly blamed cats for declining bird populations, but it isn’t the relationship between cats and birds that has changed—it’s the relationship between humans and the environment. Climate change, habitat destruction and pollution -- are the real culprits when some bird populations decline. Killing cats will never save birds. Alley Cat Allies

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