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The Bill Of Rights: The Second Amendment

The Bill Of Rights : The Second Amendment
The Bill Of Rights : The Second Amendment
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Our forefathers in 1791 saw fit to make sure that every citizen of the United States of America was allowed to bear arms. Over the years The Supreme Court as well as State and Federal governments have attempted to narrow down this part if the Bill of Rights to suit themselves for whatever reason. In doing so the Government has infringed on our rights to win and bear arms. They have however been able to control some if the idiots that have guns. What bothers me though is when these idiots fringe on my rights. Then it's time to speak up.

First lets look at some of the idiots in Government like Judges, Congressmen, or even Presidents who feel they want to rake away certain types of guns and our access to certain types if guns. If these Government idiots are only doing this because they are wanting votes to get them elected then by all means don't let them in office. Why? Because they will only push an agenda that will take away the rights of citizens. Certainly there are types if guns that civilians should not own. Most people really don't need automatic weapons that fire hundreds of rounds per second. If you are going hunting this type of weapon takes the sport out of hunting. You may want this type of gun only if you are attempting to overthrow the government. On the other hand a waiting period to most gun enthusiasts is not a problem.

Secondly, if you are in the gun business, as my father was for almost 40 years, restrictions were merely a part of the business. When we were going to the gun shows those many years ago, we didn't have to worry about waiting periods to do business. When Florida did acquired the waiting period my father felt it cost to much to ship the weapons so we didn't go to the shows any more. My father was able to bypass most of this headache because we dealt in gun parts. So that was where our money was made, not in actual gun sales.

Finally, it's getting around to that time when elections are being held, so naturally it's time for those wanting to be elected to try and change the norm in areas like crime. One popular stance is that if you control the sales of guns then you control the crime. This is the idiot who does not need to be in office. This is the person who should move to Russia. People will always be able to get a gun no matter what law you put in the books. When a society has a good economy then you have a low crime rate. So maybe those wanting to hold office should work more on getting the economy back on track and spend less time trying to take away a right that was enacted back in 1791.

This is just one mans view and what's cool is there are millions of people who think like me. So maybe this is what makes this country great. We all have the right to bear arms and each individual has the right to stand your ground. Well at least we do in the State of Florida. Mr. or Ms. Politician don't try to take away our rights about guns it won't get you elected.