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The biggest myths surrounding alcohol calories

Some of the biggest myths surrounding alcohol calories—are assumptions that white wines have more calories than red wines. Molly, the host of “Get the Skinny” put these myths to rest. According to Molly, the truth is that red wine and white wine have pretty much the same number of calories. Although I occasional drink white wine—it’s not my preference. Yet, it was always my thought that white wine had more sugar—equating in my mind as more calories.

Red Wine vs. White Wine calories

Red & White Wine

As a wine connoisseur, I have been guilty of avoiding red wines—which are my favorite. This began in November when I decided to start a weight loss journey. What commenced the red wine hiatus? Honestly this reaction was 100% related to the calories in a glass of wine. Instead of red wine I’ve diverted to vodka and the spiced rum—chasing it with cranberry juice.

Red & White Wine

Molly’s “Get the Skinny” helped me think differently about my choice of alcoholic beverages. There is a simple solution she points out—drink whatever you will drink less of. One glass of wine, one beer, or one shot? A bottle of wine, a six pack of beer, or a bottle of liquor? The quantity outweighs the quality in this case. My biggest myths surrounding alcohol calories have simply been solved—and it makes sense!

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