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‘The Biggest Loser’ to change rules after dramatic finale?

Rachel Frederickson

The Biggest Loser” star Rachel Frederickson shocked everyone when she stepped out for her big reveal last week to show off her 155 pound weight loss in about 90 days. She had lost over half of her body weight and she looked rather anorexic. Her arms were super skinny and she weighed in at a mere 105 pounds. She ended up winning, but many thought she had lost too much. According to a new PEOPLE report published on Feb. 10, “The Biggest Loser” star Rachel Frederickson lost so much weight that people are hoping for a change in the rules for the show.

Experts have been speaking out about her dramatic weight loss even though producers for the show have been standing behind Rachel. They believe that she lost the weight in a healthy manner. However, people are hoping that restrictions and rules will be implemented on the show, so the health of the contestants can remain in check. Producers "should quickly put measures into place to ensure [excessive weight loss] doesn't happen again," says crisis public relations specialist Jesse Derris, CEO of Derris & Company. "And [NBC] should publicly announce those measures and commit to an education campaign that promotes balanced, healthy living."

In addition, it is unrealistic that people lose so much weight in three months. "It's impossible to lose more than 2 lbs. of fat per week, so then you're losing muscle tissue," says Laura Gideon, an L.A.-based exercise therapist and physiologist. Rachel’s weight loss "is very dangerous," says Gideon. "She really could mess up her thyroid, her adrenals, her metabolism." Rachel has admitted to working out four times a day, which appears to be too much for some.

What do you think of the show adding these rules?

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