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The Biggest Loser Season 13: White House Week Continued

Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on nbc.
Watch the Biggest Loser, Tuesdays, 8/7 pm cst only on nbc.

Tonight picked up where the Biggest Loser left off last week. Host Alison Sweeney introduces the contestants to first lady Michelle Obama and she was amazed by the transformation the contestants have gone through.

After their workout, Michelle Obama informed the contestants that because the government wants to continue to strive for the better health and wellness of America, Planet Fitness has teamed up with PALA to ensure that one of the contestants’ local community will receive a new gym with equipment totaling $30,000, but America has to vote for the contestant whom they think their community would benefit with a gym.

The contestants got to work out with the first lady and their families and it was a gift that left most contestants’ overjoyed except for one…

Chris had anxieties over what her husband was possibly going through. When she called home, her husband was going through depression and affected Chris’ progress which put her in a bad mental state and she proceeded to binge eat.

Veteran trainer Bob Harper did the best he could to motivate her and get her out of her funk, but will it be enough to help her at the scale?

[Let’s just put it this way, for all the Obesity Examiner’s readers out there, once you view this episode, you will no longer love mayo, burgers, grilled cheeses or bananas!]

At the scales, Chris had managed to gain 2 pounds which was the reason her fellow contestants sent her home. Since starting the Biggest Loser journey, Chris has lost more than 80 pounds and plans on keeping it off in a healthy way.

When she arrived back home, she realized she never taught her kids great eating and fitness habits or even coping mechanisms on how to be without hurting themselves physically and mentally through overeating. Her kids gained a lot of weight with their mother gone and with the continued problems mounting, (one of which is her home’s dilapidating state), and they chose food over fitness.

Now she works out with her whole family and her husband Roy is even helping to change the way their family as a whole functions and thinks about everything going on in their lives. For their sakes, this examiner hopes they keep up the great work.

Next Tuesday:

The incident that shut down production on the Biggest Loser will be revealed. Find out what sent all the contestants packing their bags next week.


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